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kazena kaji

  1. ChinkyCandie

    Character G10 in Middle School

    Continuation from the Spoiler thread. Theory time: What do you think G10 was doing during MS? We know Byodoin was travelling the world during MS. He was aiming for the world, not the top of one country. We know Mouri was skipping practice because he was that good. What are everyone else's...
  2. Character The high schoolers 3 years ago

    What would they be relative to the current middle schoolers? The current generation of middle schoolers is said to be a once in a decade talent so it's hard to see that 3 years ago the overall talent was higher, so we can assume even their seemingly impossible talents is considered normal in 3...
  3. Hardy

    Character Kaji Kazena

    Re: Shin Prince of Tennis Chapter 123 and 124 Discussion/Predictions I wouldn't go as far as Ken and say that Oni just plays normal tennis. However, it's hard to determine if he was an asshole (lol) or not. As far as we know, Oni was the N 5 in the camp only with his stats and BJK. He had...
  4. Character Saddest original G10 member?

    I think there are only two possible candidates, either #4 who most likely died overseas, or #5, Kaji, who was clearly being set up for a cruel joke by his peers. I'd go with Kaji because at least #4 can argue it's an act of god someone from the Anime series showed up and defeated him. Kaji...