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  1. Lady pompom

    Games SPEEDGAME #5 - Christmas Revengers - Day 4

    Speed MG 5 Christmas Revengers Mechanics: Santa Gang and the Factory Execs of Christmas Town Hosts: @Lady pompom @SonOfDaws @Asako Consultant: @Vandred Christmas Manjis (avatars coming on D1): 1. @GrySun 2. @Juviii 3. @Shad 4. @Farfalla 5. @MarmaladeSky 6. @Hermit 7. @Erinyes 8. @Lambu...
  2. Lady pompom

    Games Mafia Game 75 - Noblesse x Noragami Game

    Mafia Game #75: Noblessei X Noragami Crossover Hosts: @Crescent Jinx as Bishamonten @Lady pompom as Raskreia @Asako as Izanami Game Phases Story There are two layers to the world - the one we live in and the Spirit(pad) realm. Between our layer and the other are an...