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mavis vermilion

  1. Hermit

    Mavis's plan to deal with Zeref.

    Okay, so this is something I've been thinking about for a while, and I think I've gotten at least a semblance of what Mavis's plan to deal with Zeref is. It's more speculation than anything, so any and all criticism is welcome here. At the beginning of this arc, we learned that the biggest...
  2. Discussion Larcade Dragneel Thread

    So in this thread you can discuss anything related to Larcade (Rahkeid?) Dragneel. So first of the 2 obvious points the first is his relation to the Dragneel brothers, the 2nd is his power. So lets get started: 1) I personally don't think he related to the Dragneel brother by blood like...
  3. Arjuna

    Does Mavis belong To Heartfillia Clan?

    Credit to my Friend JinxGrace in Reditt I Think Mavis belongs To The Heartfillia Clan.Her Mother looks like Anna/Layla.May be Her mother left The Heartfillia Clan to avoid Eclipse Duty.She married Mavis's Father. Lucy and Mavis looks alike. One More Thing Mavis believes One Magic is love same as...