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mayuri kurotsuchi

  1. devstauk

    Discussion Mayurii's Arrest and imprisonment

    So i been wondering do we know for sure what he was imprisoned for? If not what are your thoughts on his crimes? Were they to do with his experiments? Was he a prisoner of war? Do you think the Recent Captain-Commander knows what his experiment is at the moment? Is Uuryu going to...
  2. Senshumuru Shutara confusion.

    There's one thing about the recent developments that has been bugging me for quite a while, namely this part of chapter 517: The way I see it, she's saying that the lock was much easier to break into now, compared to when "she was there", i.e. compared...
  3. Discussion Why wasn't Ishida killed instantly by SS??

    Here we have a person who alone could destory the world (via slaughtering hollows). When you consider that 1 Menos is the equivalent of 100's maybe even thousands of hollows. SS had already tried to wipe them out once, Ishida's grand father and father it seems got away by agreeing to not...