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rize kamishiro

  1. SonOfDaws

    Discussion My issues with Rize

    This was originally spurred on by a reply on another thread (https://mangahelpers.com/forum/threads/ishida-sui-will-be-redoing-ch-1-of-tg-with-updated-artwork.3005341/), but I'm putting it here because it was off topic and so that others can offer their views/input. I don't have a problem with...
  2. Question Who/What is Rize?

    Who & What is Rize? I wanna hear ya'll thoughts & theories on Who or What exactly is Rize? With some more light now shinning on V, AKA the Washuu Clan & the revelation Of Furuta undergoing the Kanou Rize Kakuho experimentation & Half-humans being breed inside the Sunlight Garden. Where does...
  3. Byron

    Discussion What happened to Rize?

    I mean have you ever thought of it? The last time we saw her, Anteiku had her but since then, there has been a 3 years laps, what's going on? Also, on a funny note, wouldn't it be funny if she's now fine and at some point try to flirt with Haise since she attacked to him because she liked his...
  4. Agent Phrank

    Theory Rize's consumption - Effects on Economy - Analysis

    It's a well known fact that Rize preyed on young men. "Almost all the victims were male who appeared thin and attractive." How has her diet affected the economy? Background Information: In economics, there exists the simple philosophy of Supply and Demand. 1. Demand Increase...