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saiki kanpatsu no kiwami

  1. Special Move Most powerful techs that can be done in real life

    Here, the power is ranked by how powerful they are in POT, not whether any of these techniques would have their intended effect in real life. 1. Phoenix of Egypt (Byodoin), Meteor Lob (Niou, in a dream) As far as I can tell, both shots involve hitting the ball really really high. 2...
  2. Fuji Shusuke

    Special Move Saiki Kanpatsu in Doubles

    As you know Saiki cannot be used in doubles because it is too hard to predict the movements of 3 other people. However it is possible for Saiki to be used if it is 1 v 2, when the Saiki user's partner is not playing. If a Saiki user was also able to Synchronize with another player, then is it...
  3. Fuji Shusuke

    Special Move Breaking the Absolute Prediction

    So as you know, breaking the absolute prediction of Saiki Kanpatsu no Kiwami is an extremely difficult and impressive feat. So far in the series it has countered by being unpredictable, having a better prediction yourself or hitting on instinct. However, if the prediction is made, so far in the...
  4. Bowser

    Special Move Muga no Kyouchi and The Three Doors Discussion

    I need confirming on somethings because I don't quite understand Saiki is when you increase your wisdom power and predict the numbers of shots takes for you to win the point right? But do you always win the point? Or is it to do with physical capabiltiies? Teni is like God pretty much...