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u-17 world cup

  1. Kaoz

    Theory Group League Line-up Theory/Prediction

    So since I revised my line-up prediction for the matches against Switzerland and Australia for the millionth time, I'm going to actually explain my thought process. For starters, here are the necessary resources: Mifune's Notes The basis for my prediction is the line-up against Greece, or...
  2. Discussion Would you guys prefer a Germany v Japan Final?

    Or would you guys like Japan vs America instead. Personally I hope for a rematch. Also what do you think will happen? Will Germany be beaten by the Swiss or Americans or even French? Will Japan possibly lose before making it to the Finals?
  3. Discussion Block B Strength Discussion

    Swiss rank2, Greece rank10, Aus rank18, Japan rank23. So I was thinking about it. But to keep it short. Amadeus should not play vs Japan. They are super weak, why would you waste your pro. Heck the only reason for Amadeus to play would be to please fans, but fighting Japan would just be like...
  4. Fayte

    Which countries will participate in the WC?

    In light of the newest arc, does anyone else find it interesting that all of us are from different countries? [Thailand, Germany, Argentina, USA, France, Canada, Australia] Use this thread to discuss which countries are going to appear in the WC.
  5. Kaoz

    Favorites Pre-WC Doubles

    While only three doubles will actually appear in the Pre-WC, if you had to pair up everyone, what would you do? I'm not going to ask for a detailed explanation for every pair, but if you could drop one or two lines for each of them at least it'd be nice. So, what would your line-up look like?