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  1. Hannibal Psyche

    Discussion Pandora's Box: One Piece

    Introduction Roger, besides being Pirate King, was well known for the wealth he had accumulated. Prior to his death, he's questioned as to the whereabouts of his wealth⁽¹⁾ where he proceeds to gives a rather cryptic response, and it is this wealth that he accumulated that is the One Piece...
  2. TitaniumOxide

    The voice(s) of all things

    I have to get to work so I'll keep it short. Here is a recap on what we know this far: Who can hear the "voices"? 1. Roger 2. Oden 3. Luffy 4. Momonosukw Who can communicate with these voices? 1. Momonosuke What does this mean? So the mystery deepends. Looks like the past and future pirate...