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weekly shounen magazine

  1. Doraku

    Shounen Koe no Katachi by Ooima Yoshitoki

    Koe no Katachi By: Ooima Yoshitoki Genre: Drama, School Life. Published in : Bessatsu Shounen Magazine & Weekly Shounen Magazine (Kodansha) Summary: A one-shot about a middle school class that accepts a girl with impaired hearing. Everything is not as happy as it seems. By the Mangaka of...
  2. k-dom

    Hangout Mokushiroku no Yonkishi Hangout Thread

    Nanatsu no Taizai By: Nakaba Suzuki Genre: Action, Comedy, Shonen, Supernatural Serialized In: Weekly Shonen Magazine Don't be fooled by the title, the 7 deadly sins are powerful beings who tried to make a coup 10 years ago and are wanted by some holy knights since then. But these holy...
  3. Koen

    Shounen Kimi no Iru Machi by SEO Kouji

    Kimi no iru machi by SEO Kouji Genre: Shounen, Romance, School life, Slice of life Serialized: Weekly Shounen Magazine Summary and Preview: Eba Yuzuki, a girl from Tokyo moves to a countryside to attend high school. She lives together with a guy named Kirishima Haruto whose father is an...
  4. Thiagaum

    Special FT Specials (Most recent: 17/06/15 - Stone Age)

    Anyone knows if it will be translated? Any group? Anyone?
  5. barbapapa

    Hangout Fairy Tail Hangout Thread

    This is the Hang Out Thread for all Fairy Tail Fans. Like the name suggests, it is a place to relax and talk about anything related to Fairy Tail as well as ask any question about it. Please create threads to discuss more serious topics, just be sure to cross-check that an existing or related...