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wendy marvell

  1. Nemispelled

    Discussion Wendy Marvell Official Thread

    In honor of Wendy Marvell, this thread is dedicated to her. From general discussions, to her techniques and abilities, or her badass moments and images, this thread can be used for anything related to Wendy. Feel free to share your thoughts, opinions, or give insights about her character...
  2. Predictions Wendy will Sacrifice herself for Erza.

    At the start of the battle Wendy said she was gonna protect Erza this time around. Now seeing the current situation, Wendy may step in and face Irene. It seems the right thing to do. What do you guys think? Discuss in the comments.
  3. Star Frost

    Team Brandish & Lucy vs. Dimaria & Wendy

    Intent: To defeat and win Intel: They know all about each other Location: Where Natsu and co. fought Avatar Restriction: Dimaria's Age Seal, Brandish enlarging internal organs, and CSK Others: Must use feats they've shown
  4. JamieF!

    Team God Serena & Ichiya vs. Sting, Rogue, Wendy and Gajeel

    Sting, Rogue and Wendy may all use Dragon Force. Gajeel may use Iron Shadow Dragon Mode.
  5. Nemispelled

    Discussion Proven Slayers vs. False Slayers (Official Character Profiles) [UPDATED w/ New Poll]

    ** List easily subjected to change ***I do not own any of the images, credit goes to their owners Official Slayer Character Profiles Proven Slayers Slayer #1: Acnologia Type: 1st Generation Dragon Title: Proven Dragon Slayer Status: Accomplished Reason: Proven worthy of being called...
  6. Mirage

    Team Gray and Rogue vs. Erza and Wendy

    Location: Grass plains Distance: 100 meters Knowledge: Full Intent: To kill Restrictions: None - Pre 2nd TS Who wins?
  7. kkck

    Discussion Official Dragon Slayers Thread

    I have been thinking about this for a while; why did the dragons teach a bunch of kids the dragon slaying magic? On a first impression it would seem kind of dumb for a dragon to teach someone the magic that would be specifically serves the purpose of killing dragons. Another thing I find...