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zeref dragneel

  1. Hermit

    Mavis's plan to deal with Zeref.

    Okay, so this is something I've been thinking about for a while, and I think I've gotten at least a semblance of what Mavis's plan to deal with Zeref is. It's more speculation than anything, so any and all criticism is welcome here. At the beginning of this arc, we learned that the biggest...
  2. Fantasy Irene and August vs Zeref

    Participants : Zeref, August, Irene Location : Where Zeref fought Natsu Distance : 100m Conditions : All there are bloodlusted. Just want to see who people think will come out in the end. I myself don't know lol.
  3. PeanutButterJelly

    Question So where is Obra?

    I might have missed something,but what happend to him? Will we see him again?
  4. Discussion Larcade Dragneel Thread

    So in this thread you can discuss anything related to Larcade (Rahkeid?) Dragneel. So first of the 2 obvious points the first is his relation to the Dragneel brothers, the 2nd is his power. So lets get started: 1) I personally don't think he related to the Dragneel brother by blood like...
  5. Nemispelled

    Conditional Laxus vs. Zeref

    Time period: Current Restrictions: PoF, Nakama Power, PiS, CiS Location: Wasteland Starting Distance: 130 m. Everything else is fair game.
  6. febez

    Discussion Natsu's Timeline

    As per suggestion, I have started a new thread to discuss Natsu's timeline. Idk if there is some part of his past that will be revealed later on for plot purposes, or if I'm just reading too much into it. This is what gets me. I feel like we're missing a part of Natsu's timeline. From what...
  7. juviichan

    Fantasy Zeref Dragneel VS August VS Acnologia

    Zeref Dragneel: black arts ankhseram black magic fire magic living magic immobilization magic August: unknown, Makarov says that he holds every magic element that exist, his alias is "Magic king" Acnologia: DS magic who do you think will win? even tho we dunno about August`s power...
  8. Reason why Natsu will die from the book being destroyed/zeref dies

    Ok you know that zeref turned mard geer or whatever his name back into a book after natsu/gray defeated him. Heres the reason why he will die and cannot be turned into a human or anything like that, when END book is open the book will be absorbed into natsu just like mard geers book was...
  9. What happens if the others find out everything Zeref told Natsu?

    Gajeel/wendy/sting/rouge find out their from 400 years ago? Also what do u think the others will think about natsu? when they find out that is not only END but brother of Zeref?. In the end natsu will end up dying when zeref dies.
  10. dark123

    Discussion Natsu(END) Dragneel and(vs) Zeref Dragneel vs Acnologia

    Here we can discuss future interactions between brothers and Acnologia and also how fight between them will look like.
  11. chess4

    Discussion Official Zeref Thread

    i watched episode 53 last night and i have a theory. in the episode when wendy introduced her self, natsu seemed as if he had heard that name before. also remember suring the laxus arc, when natsu tried to get outside the barrier that didnt let people above the age of 80 get passed it, he...