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Apr 30, 2012
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After the announcement about the series entering its "Final Act" we noticed that we have never held an event for the series so here it is! Welcome to the BnHA Awards!

Since it's the first event for the series, everything from Chapter 1 to 306 is eligible for the manga-related categories. As for the anime-related ones, it's everything from Season 1 to 4.

General Nomination RulesIf you want to change your nominations, please quote your original nomination post and clearly state which nomination(s) you want to change along with your new nominations.
  • You are allowed up to three (3) nominations.
  • Please clearly state the entry you are nominating as well as any further specifics (e.g. characters, chapters) if required.
  • Please bold all your nominations.
  • Supporting a nomination counts towards your total nominations.
  • Half the entries with the most nominations will proceed to Voting Round 1.
  • In case of tiebreak, the staff will cast the deciding vote that might occur.
  • Nomination Round will last 4 days (ends on 24th Dec)

Here is the schedule:

Nomination Round: July 19 - July 21.
Break: July 22.
Voting Round 1: July 23 - July 25.
Break: July 26.
Voting Round 2: July 27 - July 29
Break: July 30.
Final Voting Round: July 31 - August 2.
Results: August 3.

And the different categories:

  1. Favorite Male Character.
  2. Favorite Female Character.
  3. Favorite Pro Hero.
  4. Favorite Villain.
  5. Favorite Student.
  6. Favorite Quirk.
  7. Favorite Special Move.
  8. Favorite Pairing.

  1. Favorite Battle.
  2. Favorite Chapter.
  3. Favorite Arc.
  4. Best Plot Twist.
  5. Most Dramatic/Emotional Moment.
  6. Favorite Quote.
  7. Funniest Moment.
  8. Favorite Backstory.
  9. Most Memorable Death.

  1. Favourite Volume Cover
  2. Favourite Double Page Spread
  3. Favourite Manga Page/Panel
  4. Favorite Character Design.
  5. Favorite Costume.

  1. Favourite OP/ED
  2. Favourite Adapted Episode.
  3. Favorite OST.

Please use this site as source for references/nominations.
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