Chapter Review: Black Clover (220)

Black Clover Chapter 220 Review by Belserion

Chapter Title: Visits

This week’s chapter was basically wrapping up the farce of a trial Damnatio tried to instigate against Asta and Nero/Secre. With Fuegoleon’s decree from Julius that the Black Bulls venture out of the kingdom, the Nobles feel safer knowing Asta will be going into exile. The fact that it’s Julius who made the judgment and two Royal Captains endorse it seems to have eased their fears. Damnatio admits to Asta that he underestimated the trust placed in Asta, but warns him that if he proves to be of no use to the kingdom he will be executed.

Later that day, Damnatio visits Julius and scolds him for trying to shoulder the burden of everything that happened with the possessed Magic Knights and the Devil despite his smaller form. Julius is pleased with himself for coming up with the mission for the Black Bulls, especially since it means no one had to be punished since it wasn’t their fault. He attempts to appease Damnatio by claiming the Black Bulls would bring back clues about the Devils, or at least power that will benefit the kingdom. Damnatio isn’t impressed and tells Julius that granting forgiveness means taking responsibility and neither the Kingdom nor Julius can bear that responsibility. Julius counters by telling Damnatio that he did not forgive them but left it in their hands, it isn’t about responsibility but trust. He finishes by telling Damnatio that one day his scales would tip in Asta’s favor. Damnatio is relieved Julius hasn’t changed but he gives Julius a warning telling him that the crisis the Kingdom is facing is not a light one and if at any time it seems the Kingdom is about to go under he will not hesitate to render judgment on Asta or even Julius himself. With that Damnatio leaves.

At the same moment, Marx rushes into the room calling for Julius. He’s torn between the fact that Julius is alive and that Julius is a child. Marx is overwhelmed with emotion and doesn’t give Julius a chance to explain, alternating between shock at the childlike form and how Julius intends to be of any use like that and explaining everything that’s happening with the Kingdom. He finally breaks down and hugs Julius, telling him he’s glad he’s alive. Julius apologizes for always making Marx worry, but Marx refuses to forgive him and tells him there’s a lot of work to be done despite Julius’s protests.

Elsewhere, Charlotte apologizes to Sol for allowing her body to be stolen by Charla, claiming she was useless in the fight, but Sol assures her it wasn’t her fault and that she wasn’t useful either. She admits to Charlotte that Yami saved them, and that for a man he wasn’t so bad. Charlotte realizes that the memories she has of Charla and Yami weren’t dreams after all and panics that Yami now realizes her feelings. Just then, Yami enters the room saying he’s come to visit Charlotte since she’s laid up in bed. Charlotte reverts back to her tsundere ways and tries to act superior, but when Yami says he wants to ask her something she panics thinking he wanted to ask something romantic and runs out of the room, and maybe even out of the kingdom itself since it’s most likely she’s still running. The chapter ends with Yami clarifying that he was referring to Forbidden Magic, while he and Sol watch Charlotte go.

Chapter Rating: 7/10

Nothing much happened this chapter. The talk Damnatio had with Julius shows that Damnatio might not be all that bad, in fact Julius seems to respect him. Whatever is happening in the shadows of the Kingdom seem to involve a Devil since Damnatio has promised to execute Asta if the Kingdom sinks deeper into trouble. That’s a storyline to look out for. The Yami/Charlotte moment was cute, I prefer Charla’s attitude with Yami though, so hopefully Charlotte can drop the tsundere act and be a bit more confident in her feelings, especially since if his attitude with Charla was anything to go by, Yami would be interested. I'm looking forward to the upcoming arc, but that's still a few weeks off I think. Hopefully the chapters in between can be entertaining while we wait.

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