Chapter Review: Black Clover (226)

Black Clover Chapter 226 Review by Belserion

Chapter Title: The Spirit Guardian’s Magic

The Chapter begins with Gaja casting Lightning Magic: Tenjiolia. He casts with letters circling his hands which surprises Noelle who’s never seen something like that. Noelle manages to dodge the attack which doesn’t surprise Gaja, who expects no less from a first stage mage. Gaja surprises Noelle further by telling her he’s commanded his magic to pursue her until it strikes her, which makes Mimosa wonder if it’s a Heart Kingdom technique. Finral and Mimosa intervene, with Mimosa pleading with Gaja to return Asta. He warns him that if he doesn’t they’ll have to fight him. Gaja is surprised Mimosa launched an attacking spell and places her at third stage. He also deduces that Finral can make passages if it’s to a place he can see. While Gaja seems a bit impressed, but he tells them he’ll give them a glimpse of the difference in the power. Gaja casts a rune on the sky to everyone’s shock. He tells them humans cannot match the vast mana of nature as black clouds start swirling around the rune.

Elsewhere, Asta has his hands full with Undine, who’s replicated herself and is attacking from all directions. He negates the magic she uses to do this and she’s pleased to learn his Devil power. She calls it abominable, but still politely introduces herself to Asta as one of the four Great Spirits and contracted to the Queen of the Heart Kingdom. She further tells him his Devil power looks useful and while Asta himself is incredible, he’s no match for her especially since he strangely has no magic at all and that makes him less than a ninth stage, which I guess is the lowest stage of a mage. Asta doesn’t know what ninth stage means and Undine explains to him that it is in fact the lowest stage of a mage in their system, followed by eight, seven and so on. She does this while attacking him and reveals that the highest stage is Zero.

We switch back to Gaja, who is implied to be a zero stage, as he attacks Noelle, Mimosa and Finral with True Lightning Magic: Irial Astrauza. This is a huge lightning strike that illuminates everything in the vicinity. Gaja realizes that he doesn’t sense any of their mana and deduces that they used Finral’s Spatial Magic to flee. He considers this a wise decision but futile, when suddenly one of Finral’s portals opens directly behind him. This shocks Gaja who realizes that Finral accurately manipulated space in a place he couldn’t see. Finral casts Spatial Magic: Fallen Angel Gate, Mimosa casts Plant Creation Magic: Magic Flower Guide Post, which I guess is how they managed to find Gaja without seeing him, and Noelle casts Water Creation Magic: Sea Dragon’s Roar. She apologizes to Gaja as she attacks him and tells him that after all his showing off they can’t back down.

Back to Asta’s fight, Nero transforms into Secre and saves Asta by casting Sealing Magic: Inverse Release. She tells Undine that ability alone isn’t a true measure of their power and Undine is surprised by the type of magic Secre casts. While this is going on Asta, who’s having trouble breathing and is keeping his anti magic in reserve so Undine can’t pull him in, aims for a circular wall of water that he senses holds a human presence. If there is someone in there then it means there is air in there and he’ll be able to breathe. Asta charges straight through the wall much to Undine’s shock, and heads straight for the person inside.

Chapter Rating: 8/10

I liked this chapter. We got a glimpse of the Heart Kingdom’s power as well as Undine, who’s contracted to the Princess. She wants Asta’s Devil that’s a fact, but we don’t know why as yet. Will Asta be able to hold her off? What about the person in the water, will they prove to be the lesser of two evils or is he about to be in bigger trouble? What about Noelle and the others fighting Gaja? Will their three way team up bring them victory against a Stage Zero Mage? I guess we’ll see soon.

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