Chapter Review: Black Clover (227)

Black Clover - Chapter 227 Review by Seraph

Chapter Title: The All-Knowing Priestess

This Week's chapter of Black Clover picks up where we left off last time with Asta flying straight through the Water Wall only to find a doll sitting on a majestic chair,which confuses him considering that he sensed a person's KI behind the wall,his doubts are soon to be cleared as the doll disappears and he spots a young woman lying on a beaver pelt. As Asta tries to talk with the woman he is immediatly headbutted by her out of surprise,she apologizes for her rudeness by just lying around but the beaver pelt felt so good on her skin she couldn't help herself. Asta leaves his Black Form and is immedialy engulfed in another pillar of water by Undine who goes over to the mysterious woman to tell her that she should change out of her pajamas already while also revealing her actual name to us: Loropechika,and she is the Princess of Heart Kingdom!. Asta and Secre look at her in awe just as the scene cuts back to Gaja vs Noelle,Finral and Mimosa. Gaja could barely defend against Noelle's Sea Dragon's Roar that she fired off against him in the previous chapter,and it is revealed now that he did so by using a Defensive "Technique" on himself,we see a Magic Circle appear on his torso that seems to have warded off the attack. Gaja praises Noelle's power and talent in being able to use such high calibre techniques on the fly while also amplifying the Mana Output in the middle of the attack,however he needs to catch up to them now,thanks to his Lightning Magic that is no problem at all and within moments he appears in front of Noelle and the others who are more than surprised by his speed. Gaja suddenly kneels down to apologize to the group because he did not want to fight to the death but only assess their "Magic Stages",and as the group looks at him in surprise the scene cuts back to Asta and the Princess who educates him on what exactly these Magic Stages are. They're apparently a form of power measurement system used to determine a country's military might as it's Mages Magics get ranked from Stage 9 up to Stage 0.

The closer you are to Stage 0 the stronger you are,when measuring a Country's military might you go by the amount of mages they have close to or at Stage 0 and when facing off with a Devil then nobody below Stage 0 and Stage 1 will be able to keep up in the battle,As the princess mentions the word "Devil" Asta begins to remember their original reason to visit the Heart Kingdom which is to track down the huge curse signal that Gordon's Dad spotted for them. Undine is surprised to hear this as only the Guardian Spirits are supposed to know about the Curse locations,she pities Asta as he won't learn anything from anybody here,only for the Princess to tell them that she is the curse signal as she reveals a big black mark on her lower torso. Undine,Asta and Secre show surprise at this not just because the Princess is cursed but because she openly revealed this to foreigners. Loropechika asks Asta and Secre if they aren't interested to team up with Heart Kingdom to hunt down and defeat Megicula but before she goes into detail she remembers that she has to water her plants and still needs to observe the Kingdom a little more. Secre and Asta are surprised as they enter a room full with Water made screens showing everything happening all over the Country while also feeling impressed by the Princesses delicate and precise control over the Water and Mana,we also see that she carries a huge grimoire with her. While Secre still can't believe what she's witnessing here the Princess comments on some Events she's watching like some children playing or an old man recovering from his illness. Undine picks Loropechika up and tells her to change and she actually does this time,some water begins to engulf her body and she changes into a mix of what appears to be her Royal Garments as well as a Priestess robe,Undine compliments her looks and that she can be really beautiful if she puts in some effort from time to time. Talking wardrobe only. Even though Asta seems to be flustered at her appearance she still remains as clumsy as before,making Asta wonder if this is part of the curse which the Princess reveals is not the curse but how she has always been.

Undine reveals that Megicula resides within "that" country and as she does the scene cuts over to Magna,Luck and Vanessa who have gone to scout out Diamond Kingdom but appear to be in a state of fear and shock as the only thing they found was a single Mage of Spade Kingdom taking down an entire battalion of Mages and Generals as told by Magna. It's hard to say if the defeated soldiers are all dead or just unconscious but the battlefield is filled with blood,bodies and destruction with the Spade Mage on top of a rock nearby looking at Diamond Kingdom. Vanessa tells Luck to standby until he disappears but for the first time in his Life Luck does not want to fight someone whose strength he's witnessed first hand. Something he does not even fear to try and say to Yami,their Captain...

Personal Thought's

I rate this Chapter an 8 out of 10.

Interesting,i did not think that Spade Kingdom would find relevance in this arc already and even less that they would casually invade Diamond Kingdom with a One Man Army. Some of the Generals must've been taken out along with their aides and foot soldiers it seems given that Magna said there were Captain Class combatants involved,with even Luck fearing the mysterious guy's power. Now i'm curious what kind of Magic he used against them...ah dang it,gonna have to wait and see i guess.No surprise about Megicula residing within Spade Kingdom given that it is known for using Forbidden Magics and was said to harbor a great hidden power,perhaps he is the ruler of Spade Kingdom even. They may not all be Demons but their high ranked Officers i can definitely see having similar powers to the Word Demon or Asta,as in, Demon Powers being sealed into their Grimoires by Megicula. Just a guess though,for now at least. I'm surprised when and most importantly why all those people were cursed by Megicula,the Princess of Heart Kingdom,Acier Silva etc. Though i can make sense of the Princess since she claimed that she'll die in a year if nothing's done so perhaps Megicula did it because he fears the Undine's powers combined with her omniscience? She's also the ruler of a Big Country with interesting uses of and for Magic so taking her out would leave Heart without a "Head" so to say,again,more information here. As for the Magic Levels,i'd like to think of them as "Threat" Levels rather than an actual PL measurement system for now,it seems to only be used for War Situations to gauge a foreign nations Military Might after all and it had/has zero mentionings over in Clover Kingdom as far as we know too. So unless their policy is "Full Peace" they should at the very least inform their Knights of this little bit of info since Julius and the Captains are aware of the other Countries stance towards Clover. Now i only wonder if the Black Bulls also sent a Team to spy on Spade Kingdom,after seeing what this single guy was capable of i can't help but be hyped for what the rest of their country is like now to be honest...till next time everybody!

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