Chapter Review: Black Clover (231)

Black Clover Chapter 231 Review by Hermit

Apologies for the late review, my mind played tricks on me.

Aside from that, wasn't so big on the chapter personally. Bleh, the most interesting bits from last week didn't carry on into this week. There was a bit too much Asta for my liking.

Morgianna and her cousin, Mimosa (Ha) kick off the chapter. She laments that Asta is still an idiot like before. Asta himself has just managed to defeat all the slave drivers, saving the people of the Spade Empire. Just then, Morgianna and Mimosa both show up. Morgianna used her Djinn Equip to carry both her cousin and herself to where Asta was. We get a funny exchange where both Morgianna and Mimosa are arguing over her usage of magic. Morgianna tells her cousin not to talk down to her since she is Fanalis, and Mimosa says she is also Fanalis.

Finral tagged along with the two girls, but sadly his training for Finesse hasn't worked at all. He spots a nearby girl, and moves to tend to her, but he manages to restrain himself by thinking of Finesse. Bit of a pointless scene honestly -.- Asta is impressed by Finral, but Noelle points out that there is nothing incredible about what Finral did.

Mimosa activates her magic and heals up everyone who had their magoi extracted. Didn't even need to use her Djinn Equip for that, what a boss. The slaves are grateful, but one of them says that they have nowhere to go to. Noelle realizes it's because their homes have been occupied by the military. She adds on that it won't be a problem.

We get a small cameo of Luck and Leopold headed to the residential areas. Both of them dispatch the enemy easily. Luck calls Asta, informing him the threat has been taken care of. The chibi seems impressed, moreso at how tall Leopold is now. I didn't quite notice any difference in his height. Despite all these heroics though, the townspeople still remain unconvinced of their saviors intentions. Asta reassures them that they can go back home. Additionally, they don't have to worry about having their magoi extracted anymore. A mother and daughter seem extremely grateful for this notion.

The duo proceed to inform Asta that Al Thamen is currently under the rule of evil mages called 'The Dark Triad.' Yep, you guessed it right people. The Dark Triad use black rukh to perform their spells. The thought of it just....makes my skin crawl D: The scene changes to a snowy terrain. Someone called Xenon, CLEARLY from Kingdom Hearts, is asked if they have gotten accustomed to using devil power. Xenon affirms to this. We then have the second member of the group, Dante. That one is from Devil May Cry. He's asked why Xeno gets to have all the fun, and he explains that it's because Kingdom Hearts does so much better in sales. The third member of the group is called Vanika. Sadly, she's not from any popular franchise. Though props to her, her character design looks impressive.

Al Thamen comes to a consensus that it's about time they start making their move. The chapter caps off with them wondering which place to attack first.

-Morgianna being back.
-Mimosa using her magic. Imo, it is the most aesthetic magic in the series. One of my favorites too. Currently its a toss up between her and Morgianna for my favorite females in the show.
-Dark Triad have presence. The most important thing for a villain group, is presence. How menacing they are the first time they appear onscreen. Noticed that Tabata made them have three members as well (Like the Third Eye). I do hope that they are more menacing than the Third Eye though.

-Finral and that running gag of his. Sigh. It stopped being funny the 10th time. They base so much of his personality around that it gets tiresome.
-No Yuno plot this chapter ;(

Chapter rating: 7/10

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