Chapter Review: Black Clover (232)

Black Clover Chapter 232 Review by Belserion

Chapter Title: Quiet Lakes and Forest Shadows

The chapter begins with Loropechika commending Asta, Finral, Luck, Leo, Mimosa and Noelle for a job well done. Thanks to them Heart kingdom has managed to occupy the town of Tolon, one of the Spade Kingdom’s bases. A copy of Undine, through Noelle’s Water Magic, made the same sort of barrier around the town as the one around Heart Kingdom. The Devil Curse will allow Loropechika to sense Devil Magic quickly and the plan is to expand their territory and drive the Spade Kingdom’s Devil into a corner. Noelle thinks it’s an absurd task yet the Princess talks as if it’s easy. She then acknowledges that with Loropechika’s power they just might be able to do it since she’s an absurd Princess. High praise from Noelle here, and it’s quite obvious she admires Loropechika.

Luck is still fired up after the meeting and asks Gaja to fight him. This sets off Leo and Asta who also challenge the Lightning Mage. Gaja urges them to rest since they just came back from battle but the three are still adamant about fighting him. Loropechika thinks it sounds like fun and also challenges Gaja to the surprise and annoyance of Undine and Noelle. Mimosa and Noelle decide to go take a bath instead and Undine insists Loropechika forego the fight and go with the girls. Finral fights his usual urge to be a pervert at hearing the Royal Clover beauties and the gorgeous Heart Princess will be taking a bath together. Noelle threatens to kill him for his perverted fantasies but he assures her he’s trying to fight it.

One of the Heart Kingdom’s servants suddenly appears and declares an emergency in the Polnfrume Forest. This emergency turns out to be Charmy, something everyone seems resigned to. Asta tells Finral to rest since he moved all the people who had been captured. Finral resists, telling Asta he must be tired too, but Asta reminds him that he doesn’t use magic so he’s fine. Finral actually meant he must be tired physically but just then Asta calls forth his Demon Slaying Sword and, controlling his anti Magic, uses the sword as a hoverboard and flies off. Finral watches him go and reminisces on the Asta of before, the one who couldn’t even ride a broom, and at how he’s now incredible.

At the Elmora Lake, the girls take a fun bath while teasing Mimosa. Loropechika admits that she’s glad people from Clover are good people and that she was afraid they would be scary and she wouldn’t know what to do. She confesses that while she tries to act like a proper princess in front of her people, she’s glad she was able to make friends she can be herself with. Noelle breaks the sweet moment by telling her they’re royalty so of course they would be equal, this makes Loropechika laugh and they relax even more under the watchful eye of a happy Undine.

In the Polnfrume Forest, Asta reaches Charmy who’s grown fat from eating everything in sight. He’s shocked at her appearance and tells her she shouldn’t eat any more. Charmy blames the fruit for being so yummy and Asta asks if she can’t do anything else but eat. She calls him rude and says she thinks of other things besides eating, one of them being Yuno. She dreamily wonders how he’s doing and how she misses him.

Back at the Golden Dawn base, one of the Magic Knights calls out to Yuno for a moment and addresses him as Vice Captain. Yuno asks if it’s urgent since he’s heading out on a mission, and the Magic Knight tells him about the message they received from the Church in Hage. Hearing the message is from his childhood home; Yuno demands the Knight tell him everything now.

Chapter Rating: 7/10.

Most of the chapter centered around the recovery from the previous battle with the Spade Knights. It was nice seeing Charmy, although she doesn’t seem to have changed much at all, despite the additional weight that’s most likely just a gag. Yuno going to Hage to meet the mysterious stranger is something to look forward to. Maybe we’ll get to know more about his origins since the Elf Arc was a disappointment in the aspect.

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