Chapter Review: Black Clover (233)

Black Clover - Chapter 233 Review by Seraph

Chapter Title: Fate begins to move

This Week's Chapter of Black Clover picks up where we left off with last week's chapter as we see Charmy preparing for battle because Asta told her to stop eating all of the locals fruits and vegetables inside Polnfrume Forest,a magic circle appears on the ground and after a brief rumbling we can see a gigantic Cotton Creation Magic made Sheep emerge from the Forest. Charmy claims that anyone that interrupts a meal should just get run over by this Sheep and die,no worries this isn't an evil Charmy this is just a very very hungry Charmy hehe...,however our very gluttonous dwarf-hybrid isn't on her own anymore as various animals from within the forest have joined her atop the Sheep's head and are eating some of the gathered fruits as well. Suddenly a rather stoky man of average height appears and seems to regret having trained Charmy,it turns out that this man is one of the Spirit Guardians from Heart Kingdom: Master Potrof!. He seems to be using Wood Magic as he instantly creates several thick Tree vines in order to stop the Giant Sheep from moving but unfortunately they only pass through the cotton of Charmy making it impossible for them to keep it still, as Potrof already gives up any hope of stopping Charmy we see Rill for the very first time since the battle against the Elves stepping up in order to stop her as his Magic is a lot more efficient for this job. Rill wants to stop Charmy as they became friends during their Special Training under Master Potrof and as such he cannot overlook this display of violence,she needs to be stopped!. He casts Picture Magic: Invasion of Heat infused Ice! and a huge line of mildly heated ice cuts across the sheeps torso in an instant,suddenly Asta emerges from within the frozen chest portion of the Sheep while thanking Rill for his help,the Magic Knights team up now in order to stop Charmy and together with Asta's Anti Magic this is a piece of cake now. As the gigantic Sheep disintegrates after being hit by Asta's blade we see Rill scolding Charmy for her rude behaviour and that over-eating isn't good for her,as he does Asta is totally amazed by the Captain's progress who only tells him that it is because he has a certain someone's image etched into his heart that he can always think of that his magic was able to become so incredible.

As Asta wonders who this certain someone could be we learn that it is Charmy,but in her human-form,who rescued him half a year ago when he was possessed by an Elf. His magic forms a portrait of her as Rill remembered her and Asta instantly notices that it is infact Charmy and not a random woman,however as he struggles to properly explain how it is possible for it to be her Rill simply moves on from the interruption and claims that he'll become the most perfect and strongest man she can wish for,and he'll become a really strong Captain at that too. The scene suddenly cuts to Clover Kingdom where we see Yuno who is currently travelling to Hage Church but also reminiscing about his times at the Church and making his oath to Asta about becoming Magic Emperor as he passes by the Grimoire Tower. As Yuno remembers a conversation he recently had with Captain Vengeance where the latter told him that his Magic Stone that had been stolen by the Word Devil has been recovered by Revchi and Gueldre who were taking treasure and tools with them from the Shadow Palace it is revealed that Yuno has gotten his Magic-Stone necklace back. Just as he arrives at Hage Church he is already greeted by Sister Lily who tells him to come inside quickly,as Yuno enters the church he comes face to face with the man that was discovered beaten up at the Church in Chapter 229. The man seems to recognize him by his necklace and his looks,Yuno apparently mirrors someone who the man knows as "Lord Ciel",to top it off Sister Lily introduces him as a Citizen of Spade Kingdom something that picks Yuno and Bell's attention as they're both aware of the nations invasion in Diamond Kingdom as well as their mentality towards other Kingdoms. The man clears the suspicion that he might be an enemy quickly though as he informs Yuno that Spade Kingdom used to be a peaceful nation under the command of their original Royal family: The House of Grinberryall,but as the Dark Triad took over control the Grinberryalls were exiled from their Kingdom while the Triad began to rule the people with fear and power.

The mysterious man raises his head to Yuno and tells him that there is only one final hope remaining to save Spade Kingdom and that is Yuno himself as he is a Member of the House of Grinberryall and with that the rightful heir to the Throne of Spade Kingdom,he is the Prince of Spade Kingdom!

Personal Thought's

I rate this Chapter a 7.5 out of 10.

This Chapter was also short but at the very least it confirmed something many of us already thought about many many times before,that being Yuno being of Royal heritage. We remember that Licht confirmed previously that Yuno was not his and Tetia's child but reminded him of their child in some way,so no Elf heritage for the Rival. I was relieved about that back then but remained curious on his actual heritage,now learning that he is the Prince of Spade Kingdom from the Grinberryall Family surprised me only for the fact that his parents came into possession of a Magic Stone(An elf magic artifact as we remember) and gave it to their child. It also still doesn't answer the question about how and why Asta was left right next to a Royal baby but we'll get that soon enough i'm sure. As for the fate of Yuno's parents and other relatives, there's 3 possibilities that i could see being the case here. The first would be that they were killed back when the Dark Triad and Megicula wanted to take the Throne for themselves and one of the servants fled with baby Yuno to Clover and left him at Hage Church,the second would be that they've enslaved and now empower one of those Magic Fortresses,and lastly they got captured and cursed unable to use any of their magic powers and with their death penalty dealt to them that can only be lifted by beating the Triad and Megicula which has to be done anyway. At least that would make the most sense to me. Yuno being of Spade Royalty also clears up how Asta is going to become the Magic Emperor in the end(Which he will anyway-),there won't be some final rival match between the 2 á la Naruto vs Sasuke but Yuno can simply lose the election process(However that works-) and leave for Spade to be their next Ruler and take his Father Ciel's place. At least that's how i expect it to go in the end,we'll see. I'm looking forward to the next Chapter for sure. Till next time everybody!!!

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