Chapter Review: Black Clover (237)

Black Clover - Chapter 237 Review by Seraph

Chapter Title: Sheer Obstinacy

This Week's Chapter of Black Clover continues with the attack of Spade on the Golden Dawn Headquarters, but you can hardly see anything as everything is being hidden by Mist Magic, in the Middle of a big hall(I say "Middle" because that's usually where the good guys end up struggling for their lives in situations like these-) we see several lifeless bodies as well as Klaus along with 2 nameless Golden Dawn Members breathing heavily from exhaustion. Klaus expresses frustration over the fact that he cannot see anything at all through the thick mist because otherwise it becomes borderline impossible to pinpoint their enemies location, suddenly, an unknown voice praises Klaus Steel Magic and it's defensive capabilities but ridicules him as that makes it impossible to hit him ever(!). As Klaus hears this he instantly attacks the man that he believes to be in front of his shield with his Steel Magic: Blazing Spiral Lance!,however,that proves to be futile as he only destroyed a Fake created with Mist. The Spade Mage continues to ridicule Klaus and announces that his next attack will be a "little" harder,said and done,a dozen Magic orbs begin raining down on Klaus and his comrades instantly destroying their defenses as well as knocking his fellow Magic Knights unconcious. He reveals that he is a Stage Zero Genius chosen by the Dark Triad,no matter how many peons gang up on him he will always win. Not too far away from them we spot Letoile trying to figure out the enemies true location with her Compass Magic but to no avail as her Useless North is not working inside the powerful Mist Magic, we get a brief flashback here to presumably right after William had taken command over the Golden Dawn again, where he announced that it's okay to train and master the power left behind by the Elves as once it is their own they will not use it for destroying but protecting the Kingdom they hold so dear.

We cut back to the present where Letoile reveals that while the previous Elf-Hosts managed to control and master the power of the Elves within their 6 Months of training they still didn't get to the Elves Level in terms of versatility and mastery of Mana and Magic,frustrating as their enemy is even more powerful than what they faced back then. The Mist Mage continues to look down on Klaus in the meantime,he can't believe how Klaus can expect to put up any sort of fight when his body is a mess and his Magic is useless against the Mist Magic but the only response Klaus can muster is that while this may all be true it is still too early to give up as his will is still intact. The Invader wants to finish things now but as he tries to kill Klaus Yuno interferes by blowing his Mist away with Tornadoes created with his Wind Magic, concluding that Yuno is his natural enemy in this battle he needs to act fast so the Spade Mage uses Mist Creation Magic Sealing Spectral Hands! resulting in several mist hands forming and restraining Yuno to prevent him from using any magic. Yuno realizes that despite his attempts of breaking free that he cannot due to the strain from the earlier battle he fought, however,thanks to his brief interference Letoile now knows where the original is and uses her Compass Magic: Another Atlas! on him which enables her to disperse and dispel any Magic that her target has used thus far including all his illusions and the mist covering the area. Klaus takes his chance and strikes the Spade Mage with another Blazing Spiral Lance and succeeds in instantly defeating the villain with a single strike. Klaus tells him that while it's true that he has been taking damage and loss of Mana throughout he still has enough stamina left to move and defeat someone like him. After Yuno and Klaus have a brief comedic exchange where Letoile has to remind both of them of the situation they're in the Magic Knights feel a strong Magic Power above them.

The strong magic power they felt is quickly revealed to be Zeno's as the ceiling comes crashing down on them with dozens of Bone Spears impaling Roots from William's Yggdrasil Magic as well as William himself while Zeno is entirely unscathed. He looks at Yuno,Klaus and Letoile while lamenting that his pawns were unable to kill every last one of their opponents.

Personal Thought's

I rate this Chapter an 8 out of 10.

Well that went by quickly...,while the Spade Elites around Zeno appear to be legit(to an extent at least-) it's hard to really gauge their power since they've all been defeated relatively quick and only took down nameless soldiers,bar Klaus. He had a bad match-up here with this Mist Magic-User but i'd say he isn't all too strong now either,if not for Yuno's help he had lost. Yuno took more fatigue from the earlier battle than expected from me, but even if he had one-shot that guy and took Zeno on at full health he would not be able to win here. He's being setup for a harsh loss here,not only will Spade have taken out the strongest Magic Knight Squad in Clover but they'll also take William with them which should nurture his frustration all the more. Guess training in Clover Kingdom didn't pay off too much for him,i feel like Asta is way stronger than he is now due to the Teachings from Heart Kingdom. But we'll see about that,either Yuno tries to save William and loses to Zeno here or someone comes in to help the Golden Dawn. Either way,i'll be fine with it,Till next time everybody!!!

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