Chapter Review: Dr. Stone (118)

Dr Stone Chapter 118 Review by Emperor Spriggan

Beautiful color page this week. Love the detail about Kohaku being a mermaid, and Senkuu catching her.

The chapter kicks off with a short flashback from the last one, and we see Ryuusui and Soyuz at the bottom of the sea trying to save Kaseki. His body is buried partially at the base of the sea, so they are unable to budge him out. The two are also running out of oxygen, so they are a bit short on options. Senkuu calculates they have 4 minutes of air left. Which means, they need to act fast.

Ryuusui immediately springs into action, signalling Gen and the others at the top by fervently tugging at the rope attached to the ship. Gen and Senkuu identify the message as Morse Code. Gen identifies the message as a cry for help, realizing that Ryuusui wanted the revival fluid. Senkuu tosses the revival fluid into the sea, and Ryuusui grabs it before heading towards Taiju's petrified body. Soyuz realizes that he intends on reviving Taiju.

He also notes that it's impossible to pour the revival fluid on him in the water, due to the rising water currents pushing the fluid upwards. Ryuusui uses the rest of the air in his oxygen tank to create an air pocket, which pushes the revival fluid upwards towards Taiju. Soyuz finds the remaining bit of Taiju's arm and reattaches it, just before the fluid works his magic and breaks him out of his petrification. We get a small cameo of Jafar staring into the water. A sign of something about to go horribly wrong? I honestly hope.

Ryuusui commends Soyuz for his photographic memory, and being able to remember exactly which arm was Taiju's. We get a comedic scene where he shouts that he's back, before getting overwhelmed by the water all around him. Which is followed up by another scene with Yaoi undertones, where Ryuusui and Taiju both share the air that remains (I can't believe I'm typing this, God).

Taiju understands the plan, and quickly takes in a gust of air. He reassures Ryuusui that he will be content with the air in his mouth, before going to where Kaseki is and pulling out his body. The end of the chapter is Taiju resurfacing with Kaseki's body. Ryuusui and Soyuz are in tow.

Personal opinion:
Chapter was alright, but too much nakama crap/camaraderie focus. Didn't quite appreciate that. There was no reason to have Gen in on it as well, it always makes him a bit out of character for me.

Chapter rating:7/10.

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