Chapter Review: Dr. Stone (120)

Dr. Stone - Chapter 120 Review by Seraph

Chapter Title: Top Seacret

Last Week's Chapter 119 of Dr. Stone revolved all around Kaseki's revival,the retrieval of the Perseus Crew's statues and scattered parts of said statues by Taiju as well as the creation of the parts for the Drone like a propeller,a fidget spinner(Yeah,believe it or not...),Pachinko's and an engine for it. The entire Perseus Crew and a mysterious person have been fixed and gathered ready to be revived,they have all made it onto the Island now thanks to Taiju. Kaseki proves once more why he is the most masterful craftsman in the Stone World by displaying impressive skill and detail love to the several parts needed for the Drone,he and Senkuu also succeed in creating a Drone prototype ready for testing. Meanwhile Kohaku is about to be found out by Mozu as he voices suspicions towards her and menacingly asks her about her comrades location,naturally,our Kohaku is ready for battle even against the mightiest...

This Week's Chapter of Dr. Stone starts with a short step back in time before Kohaku is being confronted by Mozu,apparently the Great Leader has shown interest in "Ginny" and wants "her" to be send up to meet with him which scares Ginro as he was afraid this would happen but didn't want to believe in it as he is still a guy. He panics,Kohaku tries to calm him down by telling him that he might be the first to see and get a read on what the Leader is like and perhaps manage to get his hands onto one of the weapons,naturally this doesn't calm Ginro down it only makes it worse. Kohaku continues that he can also always take the Great Leader Hostage or threaten him,she also thinks that it is unlikely that the Harem Leaders would lay a hand on him once they find out that he is a Man,worst case scenario: he gets petrified on the spot. As Kohaku walks off she is questioned by Mozu if she is the Intruder and where she has left all her comrades, present point, meanwhile Ginro makes his way upwards to the Great Leader. Ginro suddenly remembers that Senkuu, what a surprise, had the foresight to equip him with a secret weapon just in case someone tries anything funny with them that he calls the "Pineapple". It's a pineapple shaped container containing ethyl acetate that can be used to create specimens of insects and bacteria when opened and can be made by adding sulfuric acid to alcohol and vinegar.

It reeks awful according to Ginro but according to Amaryllis it smells just like an ordinary Pineapple grown on the island which is Senkuu's thought with this weapon. The Islanders won't be confused by the scent but recognize it while the person using it can be on guard, as the smell and gas flood into a room it slowly but surely causes a person inhaling it to lose conciousness and with too much exposure a dizzy feeling and confusion about one's thoughts. As Ginro questions if this invention can really save his neck here he reaches the Great Leaders tent and begins to reluctantly introduce himself, we can see a big shadow behind the tent curtains that responds that he has called for Ginny and he wants "her" to enter now. Before Ginro actually tries to enter he begins to have breakdown from panic,he stutters all sorts of things and almost blurts out that he isn't a man but as he approaches the entrance he is met by Ibara who has apparently been called to the Great Leader as well. The Great Leader seems to mumble some words to Ibara which the latter responds to by saying he will follow the usual "protocol" and make sure everything goes fine, apparently the usual "protocol" is for Ibara to "check" wether it is safe or not for the Great Leader to interact with someone new from the harem. He is going to give Ginny a lesson on what it means to "Love" someone,if you all catch his drift, Ginro can't help himself anymore he wants to run away but Ibara takes it as a playful tease from him and chases him.

A few floors below Kohaku assures Mozu that if she was the intruder she would never sell out her comrades no matter what, she undoes the knot tied around her thigh and reveals a short knife, the soldiers immediatly take guard against her and attempt to capture her but she dodges them skillfully with a graceful jump. As she falls down she disarms several soldiers and destroys their weapons,Mozu witnessing this praises Kohaku for her strength,the latter is now met by a backup force led by Oarashi who vows to kill her for the sake of their great leader. As Mozu hears this he swiftly jumps in and attacks his own soldiers including Oarashi and knocks them unconcious with his mace but not only that,his attack was so powerful that it shattered the foothold of the soldiers resulting in them falling towards the ground. He tells them that nobody is allowed to kill one of the Cuties from the Harem,but they can gladly kill all the "ugly" women inside the Palace if they want because he is only interested in the Harem-girls. Kohaku is visibly shocked by Mozu's strength but expected no less from the Strongest Warrior on the Island, she thinks that nobody but her can take Mozu on from the current Kingdom of Science so if she doesn't stop him he'll find Senkuu and the others quickly. She jumps towards Mozu ready to attack him to have their promised match, as they begin to clash we see Ibara notice the noise from downstairs which gives Ginro an opening to use his "Pineapple" on him.

The smell immediatly expands within the area and Ibara inhales it too,questioning wether it is actually pineapple or alcohol, he quickly begins to feel dizzy and sick from it allowing Ginro to sneak away to enter the Great Leader's tent on his own. As he peeks into the tent he is met by a huge figure of a man with big eyes and a long beard as well as rather imposing clothing,the dark makes it hard for Ginro to see his face but he feels like he has seen this person before...he has similarities with Soyuz! As a cloud moves with the wind more moonlight shines through to the Leader's tent revealing that said Leader is nothing but a petrified man with a huge hole on his face, deep enough to reveal faint parts of the person's skull such as his teeth. Suddenly Ibara appears behind him asking if he saw anything, Ginro lies that he did not but seems to have been caught as Ibara has armed himself with fingertip claws to kill Ginro! Not knowing what is going on upstairs Kohaku continues her clash with Mozu, the chapter ends with both warriors exchanging heavy blows with each other...

Personal Thought's

I rate this Chapter an 8 out of 10.

This Mystery of who the Great Leader is had me on my toes and now it turns out that it was Ibara all the time while the real Leader is Soyuz Father and got petrified? Or did i misunderstand that? If so then this Harem thing they have established is even more disgusting now,Mozu and Ibara are the worst of the worst. A few questions remain,like,why do they keep this petrified former leader around? Why not make clear that Mozu or Ibara is the new Leader and wants to have a harem? What secret does this figure hold for them/us? How did they get their hands on the Petrification Weapons? Is the Leader even still alive given the smashed portion of his skull? and so on.

I'm really curious what is going to happen next,i wasn't surprised that Senkuu and Co. had prepared things for when they get to meet the Great Leader but they couldn't have expected this. Now Ibara wants to silence Ginro while Kohaku battles Mozu,the unpredictable variables here being Senkuu and Co. as well as Kirisame with the petrification weapon in possession. Is she perhaps the current Leader? Questions over Questions and no answers yet,i'm hyped for next time that's for sure. Till next time everybody!

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