Chapter Review: Dr. Stone (121)

Dr Stone Chapter 121 Review by Emperor Spriggan

Very, very good chapter this week. Completely blew away all the other WSJ chapters last week, and by extension, all the other manga chapters as well.

We kick off from where we left off last week, with Kohaku continuing to fight Mozu. He is a bit impressed by Kohaku's skills, but he tells her that she should have realized that even an army of her would be unable to beat him. A bit of a shocker, I thought that Kohaku was a bit nerfed since she didn't have her shield and spear, though I didn't think the difference between both fighters was THAT big. Makes you wonder who will be the one to eventually bring Mozu down.

He does offer her a way out though. Mozu asks Kohaku what kind of guys she is into, basically telling her he wouldn't mind her falling for him. Tying her hair into a bun (Her usual hairstyle), she then states that she is into men who never stop moving forward. Implying Senkuu?! Lol if only, sadly that's a blanket statement, applies to quite a few other guys in the series as well. Ryuusui and Taiju come to mind.

We switch perspectives to Ginro and Jafar, where Ginro is in the midst of fighting for his life. Jafar reveals that there have been girls in the past who have seen the petrified statue of Aladdin, so sadly, he had to kill them. Ginro spots Kohaku at the bottom of the ridge where they are fighting, and fully intends on bringing the fight to her. Which is kind of stupid, since he should have seen she was in the midst of fighting someone else as well. Nevertheless, Ginro pays for this dearly, since Jafar runs him through with his nails (?) a panel later.

Ginro collapses to the ground below, and Kohaku breaks away from her fight to rush to him. She realizes that multiple of his inner organs have been pierced, so there is no way to save him. With his last breaths, he reveals that the great leader is a statue, one who looks exactly like Soyuz. Kohaku thanks him for the information, and he says his goodbyes to Kinro. Realizing that there is only one thing left to do, Kohaku grabs him, while Amaryllis watches.

She rushes to a vantage point where everyone can see her, before shouting to everyone to listen to her. She begins to say something about the great leader, and Jafar panics. He instructs the rest of the villagers to close their eyes, and the coconut girl proceeds to launch the petrification weapon into the sky. Ginro then realizes Kohaku intended on him getting petrified, since it would be the only way to save him.

The petrification device is soaring in the air space just next to Kohaku and Ginro, where they see what it looks like. Honestly, I have no idea what the hell that device is. It looks like some sort of futuristic device? Ginro remarks as to how beautiful it is, while Kohaku states that she has seen Medusa's eyes. Alluding to both the chapter title, and to the fact that Medusa was eventually stopped by Perseus. The ship that Senkuu and his crew used to sail to this island.

Amaryllis is in tears, as she watches both Kohaku and Ginrou get petrified. With the last wisps of her consciousness, Kohaku entrusts the rest to Senkuu, and his crew.

Where to begin? That was fluid writing, from the start to the end.

-Revealing how strong Mozu is, and knowing that Kohaku won't be able to take him down that easily. Which makes you wonder how exactly he will lose. My guess is that Hyouga will be involved somehow.
-FINALLY, we get some real stakes in the manga. A constant criticism I have had with the series is that the stakes are far too low. I get it's supposed to be an easy going manga, but where fights/conflict are involved the stakes have to be raised. Even if it's just by a bit. Kohaku being petrified means that the Kingdom of Science has lost its strongest combatant. Also, you wonder what Jafar and his group will do to the petrified statues at the top of the tree. They could just leave them up there as a symbol of the leader's power.
-The revelation of the petrification device. Though I doubt this is the same one that was used on the whole world. The range seems smaller somehow. Plus this one seems to reflect the light of a solar object in order to work.
-Jafar being shown as the real deal, a villain who means business. That panel with Ginro was straight out brutal.

-Chapter ended too soon, have to wait a whole FREAKING week to see the continuation of this plot. Just.....le sigh.

Chapter rating: 9.95/10

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