Chapter Review: Dr. Stone (122)

Dr. Stone - Chapter 122 Review by Seraph

Chapter Title: The Battle of Wits' Puzzle Pieces

Yuzuriha has been revived!...And with that being out i'd like to welcome you all to this Week's Chapter review of Dr. Stone,there is a lot happening in this Chapter mostly in terms of piecing together the mystery surrounding Ibara and the Kingdom of Petrifications Secrets,like a puzzle as the title suggests. We'll get a reunion of the Perseus Crew as well as an incredible,unexpected and potential ally to the Kingdom of Science's forces but so much for the intro let's dig right into it,follow me as i break down this Chapter full with deductions,suspicions and surprises!

The freshly revived Yuzuriha,after having been greeted by Taiju in a rather comical and embarrasing manner, gets right into crafting and tailoring new clothes for the Crew while also helping Soyuz piecing together some of the broken statues of their friends. Thanks to her skill and talent,along with his incredible memory it's like they're piecing together a jigsaw puzzle as noted by Gen. And just like that Chrome gets revived and similar to Kaseki he seemingly loved his first experience of being petrified,the latter welcomes him with his first task,that being some seriously "hardcore" crafting work alongside Kaseki himself. Senkuu says that the construction of the Drone will be able to proceed smoothly with all the specialists on board,now onto reviving the Sonar expert Ukyo,right after his revival he asks to have someone gather information on the enemy but Senkuu puts his mind at ease by telling him about Kohaku and the Spy Team but just as he is baout to go into detail Ukyo notices someone closing in through his incredible hearing. It is revealed to be Amaryllis who managed to escape the Inner Palace and rushed off to see the Science Team,she brings them the bad news about Kohaku and Ginro,they have been petrified by Kirisame after finding out the Secret of the Great Leaders identity. She ran off when all the Soldiers were busy shielding their eyes,the perfect chance to run away, Suika wonders about the relation between Soyuz and the Great Leader since they look so alike apparently.
Senkuu shrugs it off though,for now at least,because what they need to do now is to gather information on the enemy's military might and internal state of affairs. The brightest heads of the Kingdom of Science gather in order to plan their counterattack on the Kingdom of Petrification,among them being Gen,Ryusui,Ukyo,Senkuu and Chrome. Suika is sure that just as Kohaku said,once all their friends are back together coming up with a Strategy will be easy, Senkuu starts their meeting by praising Amaryllis and the Spy Teams efforts and the information they gathered because they managed to get their most valued secret which they're going to make full use of. Senkuu claims that the enemy only possesses one petrification weapon,meaning it's unique and perfect to be Ibara's most important secret, Ukyo acknowledges the possibility of that being the case but they can't be too certain. While Chrome wonders how certain they can be the other Members of the Science Team wonder if there is any point in them being there which Ryusui confirms,they need to work together with them because everyone's talents and knowledge will be needed to piece this puzzle together,this puzzle made of the enemies secrets. Senkuu begins to explain what makes him think that only a single weapon exists,the fact that the Great Leader doesn't hold onto it himself is a given since he is petrified but the Minister Ibara does not either. Amaryllis claims that this is most likely because he is a very cautious and wary man.

This is where Gen cuts in,Ibara's cautious and wary nature is exactly the reason why there can only be one weapon,someone as cautious as he is needs some kind of insurance for matters as important as this hence he handed the weapon to Kirisame of which we all know that she is a powerful warrior in her own right. If Ibara had another weapon he would have it with him in case he needed to petrify someone that found out his secret,we remember that he opted to kill Ginro with foxgloves instead of attempting to petrify him, with Kirisame holding onto the weapon there is also zero risk of getting petrified for himself as the person throwing needs to be the most careful given the risk. Everybody agrees now that there can only be one petrification weapon but before they move on with planning Ukyo wants Amaryllis to confirm something in regards to the petrification of Kohaku and Ginro, the weapon's effects reached all the way to Kohaku and Ginro but made sure to miss the Great Leaders House, Senkuu claims that this is another important piece of information because it means that Kirisame missed the Great Leaders House on purpose. She does not know that the Great Leader is a Statue! Something that gets confirmed by noone other than the Warrior Mozu!,he snuck up on the Science Team underwater and that too without Ukyo noticing his approach, Taiju immediatly gets between him and Amaryllis to block his attack. To everyone's shock Mozu's attack is powerful enough to send the highly durable Taiju flying!

As Taiju gets back up to protect his friends he is praised by Mozu for his endurance but it will only manage to buy a few precious seconds for them,which is all Senkuu and Co. need to come up with some sort of plan as they claim through inner monologues, Ryusui and Ukyo acknowledge Mozu's abilities which are so strong that even the entire group couldn't face off with him if they attacked him at once, meanwhile Chrome seems to be surprised by Mozu opting to tail Amaryllis instead of just killing her despite the difficulty of trailing her tracks at nighttime,while Gen deems this as obvious as he'd need to find the other infiltrators but that's when it dawned on him. Mozu knew that Amaryllis,Ginro and Kohaku were infiltrators yet he allowed Ginro to follow Ibara and had the girls walk around freely without eliminating a single one of them or warning Ibara,which means that Ibara's well being is of no concern to Mozu and he might even be considering to kill him himself. Now that all the pieces have been put together and Mozu could become their ally the only thing they need now would be for someone to strike a deal with the Warrior,and who better to do so then the Mentalist Gen,he approaches Mozu with a really twisted look on his face while offering him to join the Kingdom of Science. A battle between the twisted begins, Mozu vs Gen!!!

Personal Thought's

I'd rate this Chapter a 7 out of 10.

A really incredible Chapter of Dr. Stone this week in regards to intellect and twists, the next one should be even better with Gen taking Mozu on with the negotiations. I actually feel dumb for not picking up on some of these "puzzle pieces" myself lol.,like Mozu realising that Ginro is an infiltrator yet not protecting Ibara from the possible danger to his Life or the reason he would give the only Petrification Weapon to Kirisame. The only piece missing now would be why he does not want either Mozu(Even though he already seems to know) and Kirisame to know about the Great Leaders actual state and decides to pose as his Minister instead of just making up a story that he took down the former Leader and is now the rightful new Ruler or something? Why is the Great Leader such an important factor to his position on the Island when he could just become the No.1 himself? I'm Definitely wondering what Mozu will reveal here and now,he may be in for a deal with Senkuu and Co. but that won't clear him of the things he's done himself in the past. He knew what Ibara's intentions and plans are/were and instead of trying to stop him he actually went along with them,leaving Kirisame in the dark on the reality of their Leader being petrified,and having his way with god knows how many innocent girls when Ibara was done with them. His previous dialogue and interactions with Kohaku implied as much i think. He's still a villain in my opinion and likely to backstab them if they aren't careful enough. Till next time everybody!

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