Chapter Review: Dr. Stone (124)

Dr Stone Chapter 124 Review by Emperor Spriggan

Chapter has an epic title, and the content is equally as epic. Nice way to bounce back after the weak chapter from last week.

One more thing, before I get into the meat of things. No comments from any of the characters this week. In this manga, everyone gets equal screentime;P We don't do any of that character bias thing here.

Right, so let's have at it:

Following the events from last week, Mozu proceeds with the plan to sabotage his own territory. A plan that succeeds, since the next morning there's an account of his stories from one of the guards of the village, O-Arashi. Said guard has an Egyptian like dressing on his head, which makes me realize something. Maybe Jafar and his group of lackies are based of ancient Egypt? Jafar could be the Pharaoh, and the petrification can relate duly to how bodies were preserved in ancient egypt through the sarcophagusi. But, I'm digressing.

We get a play by play of Senkuu's plan, and it seems pretty decent. Though with the plan being outlined like this from the get go, there's a high chance that it won't be as successful. Senkuu himself also acknowledges this, admitting that he has several contingency plans in place. Commendable. Ryuusui points out that they still can't let their guard down around Mozu, since he fully intends on killing them. Just then, we also get a scene whereby Mozu says that him and Kirisame will go and defeat the masked warrior. Jafar perks up a little, obviously not confident in the plan. Kirisame going means that the petrification device goes with her. Which would be inconvenient, since it basically leaves the island open to external attacks.

Kaseki is distraught about having to tear down one of his inventions, and Senkuu reveals that he has the perfect countermeasure in place for Mozu. Right here, this is my favorite part of the chapter, hands down. We get a call back to the first chapters of the series. Gunpowder makes a return, which quite frankly is a relief. I was genuinely bummed that such a concept was just brushed under the carpet. It also makes part of what is referred to in the chapter title 'The Devil's Weapon', a.k.a, a gun.

Once the gun is unveiled, we get another scene that I appreciated a lot. It involved Ukyo, and we got another call back. This time, it's to his principles that we saw when he was first introduced, those of someone who was never comfortable with taking a life. Ryuusui reassures him that they intend on doing nothing of the sort, and Ukyo seems relieved. Senkuu reiterates that the gun can be used to stop someone in their tracks by shooting them with lead.

There now pops up the obvious issue of who is qualified to shoot something like that. The group all turns their attention towards Yo, who had been revived. He was a former cop, so all logic dictates that he is supposed to be the one to operate the gun. Yo seems to have other intentions, so to quash these, Amaryllis approaches him sensually and proceeds to seduce him. The strategy works, and Yo agrees to the plan.

He proceeds to arrange three bottles on a table, then fires three times from the gun. All his shots miss, and Chrome gets skeptical about his marksmanship skills. Just then, a dead snake pops up out of nowhere. Turns out all of Yo's shots from earlier somehow ended up killing the snake. Senkuu is mighty impressed, but Yo admits internally that the snake wasn't his initial target. It makes for a pretty hilarious ending, all things considered.

-Gunpowder making a comeback to the story. I just hope that this means dynamite is also just around the corner as well.
-The final panel with Yo, lmao.
-Ukyo's characterization being kept intact.


Chapter rating: 8/10

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