Chapter Review: Dr. Stone (125)

Dr. Stone - Chapter 125 Review by Seraph

Chapter Title: Decisive Three Dimensional Battle

The Clash that decides it all between the Kingdom of Science and the Kingdom of Medusa is soon upon us,but before our heroes can enter this battle they will need 4 important pieces of equipment,those being:a few Hoods,a Wire,The Drone,and a gun. Senkuu explains the purpose of the hoods,that being that the "Hooded Warriors" are supposed to act as bait to force their enemies into throwing their Weapon at them. The Hooded Warriors will be 5 People,otherwise they'll run risk of not scaring their enemies enough into using their weapon against them,the cloth as well as the food needed for the hoods and our heroes is provided by Amaryllis who snuck back into her village's storehouse. Yuzuriha finishes the hoods within very short time, Hoods Complete!, However Amaryllis notices that there is a lot of noise coming from their working and preparations so she needs to camouflage their actions somehow. She gets into her Kawaii-Persona again to try and make believe to her admirers that she has escaped the Harem because she couldn't forget about their tenacious attempts of proposing to her,she wants to elope with one of them. The Strongest one,the man who can beat the drums the loudest at their next Village Festival will be the winner,said and done contrary to Amaryllis expectations the guys started beating the drums immediatly to practice for the festival. This makes for enough noise so the Science Team can work and prepare as loud as they want down in the cave,with Yo finally being able to hit his target with a straight shot.

And with that being off the table: Gun,complete!. Chrome can't help but wonder,that even if Yo is able to keep Mozu at bay with the Pistol how are they going to get the Petrification Weapon for themselves? Senkuu and Gen explain that they're going to try and have the string attached to the Weapon get tangled in the propellers of the Drone,Ukyo cuts in saying that this will inevitably mean that the Drone will stop flying and drop to the ground which by extension means that they will have to engage in a tug of war against the enemy to get the weapon for themselves. Senkuu agrees and begins to revive the Power-Team: Magma,Kinro and Nikki,the freshly revived Kinro immediatly checks on Ginro's attendance but quickly realizes that his brother is nowhere to be found in the cave. He asks the others to explain exactly what happened while he was petrified,as expected these news wouldn't just go by Kinro,he was deeply shaken after hearing it as he was only leaning against a wall while grinding his teeth. But he is soon to be relieved as Amaryllis tells him that both he and Kohaku were petrified before anything worse could happen to them,Kohaku's quick thinking saved his brother. Ryusui tells Kinro that he needs to lead the Hooded Warriors as it has to be someone that possesses actual skill with a Spear otherwise the bluff is for naught,Kinro accepts even after Senkuu tells him that the Leader will be targetted by Kirisame and Mozu first. Kinro says that they'll achieve victory and save everyone together,as they all get into their special gear.

But before that Taiju wants the Power-Team to start their Tug of War training,however just as he and Magma put their strength to the test the rope rips in half,something Senkuu would like to avoid which is where the required Wire will come in. In order to make said Wire Senkuu has dragged the Cotton Candy Machine out and has it spinning tar together to create the ultimate lightweight unbreakable rope: The Wire! Completed! Or at least one of them,our manual labor crew will tag in now to create more of them, Gen,Suika and Amaryllis go to work for that. Meanwhile Senkuu,Chrome and Kaseki begin with their final step: The Drone. Drone Mark 1 had the issue of being unstable and unmaneuverable in midair,as expected of the first prototype. Mark 2 has fixed the flight stability issue thanks to a fidget spinner spinning in the midle which creates a so called Gyroscopic Effect which allows the Drone to stay stable in midair,we get a funny comedic relief moment here with Senkuu and Chrome due to the latter actually finding out how to fix the stability issue but the former being ahead of him as always. Mark 3 is going to be the final and perfected version of the Drone envisioned,no stability issues and thanks to 4 Potentiometers being attached to it, it is also able to be maneuvered in midair at least when someone with knowledge of wind patterns and piloting handles it. And who better for that job than our Ryusui right? Yeah i thought so too,nobody else can do that but him.

He immediatly begins to practice and displays an incredible skill at maneuvering it as well as having really quick hands which he blames on the training to become a Pro-Gamer that he received when he was a child,prompting Gen to claim that Ryusui used his money in the past like Cheat Codes for Life. Yo shows interest in playing with the Drone while Ryusui would like to take a crack at his shooting range but Senkuu tells the 2 of them to focus on their respective trainings instead of playing around. As this happens we can see Magma standing in the background looking on sternly...anyway,Drone completed!. Senkuu notifies Mozu that they're going to begin their attack when the sun is rising,Mozu begins to inform Ibara that he and Kirisame will have to battle these Hooded Warriors otherwise they won't be able to live in peace. Senkuu announces that all their equipment is enough to take away their "Medusa",as they march towards the inner Palace lead by Kinro. We can tell by who was revived earlier and part of the clothing visible that the chosen Hooded Warriors are: Senkuu,Chrome,Kinro,Magma and Nikki,meaning 2 Members of the Science-Team and 3 Members of their Power-Team. The decisive Battle is upon us starting next Chapter...stay tuned everybody!.

Personal Thought's

I rate this Chapter an 8.5 out of 10.

I'm really excited for this incoming Battle for the Petrification Weapon now,i doubt everything will go down as planned and i'm expecting that it'll happen when the Weapon has been caught by the Drone. Either then or when it comes to dealing with Mozu,meaning i suspect that either Yo misses when it comes to it(despite his Training) or Magma does something unexpected. I feel like that panel where he just stood there and looked on was supposed to imply something into that direction,he either does something heroic or he messes their plans up. I liked Kinro's dedication,he's ready for this Clash you can tell already to avenge Ginro. Their reunion will be emotional i think,both have endured a lot after all. I did not think Senkuu would mix himself under the Hooded Warriors too but i guess he'll do the talking parts because i doubt he went along because he's good at tug of war lol. So the other Members should be Nicky,Magma,Taiju and Kinro as the Lead Spearman with Ryusui hiding in the bushes to steer the Drone when the time comes for him. I'm looking forward to the long awaited clash and even more so about what Ibara will do once he finds out about Mozu's betrayal. Till next time everybody!!!

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