Chapter Review: Dr. Stone (126)

Dr. Stone Chapter 126 Review by Belserion

Chapter Title: Three Dimensional Stratagem

We’re finally reaching the culmination of the arc and this week the stage is set. The final battle will take place at Wavebreak Cliff where the sound of the crashing waves and roaring winds will mask the sound of the drone. Moz calmly relays the location to Ibara and the other warriors, and they are immediately ready to go and confront the hooded warriors, confident in the belief that with Moz and Kirisame on their side they can’t lose.

Elsewhere, Suika is worried about the enemy heading towards them considering their numbers are so much smaller. Senkuu agrees that in battle that would be ten billion percent true, but the objective is to get them to throw the petrification weapon. They go over the plan once more, with everyone given their role, specifically the power team of Taijuu and Nicky who are responsible for pulling in the weapon after it gets tangled in the drone. Yo has the responsibility of using the gun to hold off the enemy after they’ve secured the weapon, especially Moz who will turn against them the minute they have the weapon. The three forces about to clash are The Kingdom of Science, hoping to steal the weapon vs The Kingdom of Petrification, who wants to eradicate the Kingdom of Science vs Moz, The Ultimate Warrior, who wants to get rid of the weapon and The Kingdom of Science. And so begins the final three way battle.

The two Kingdoms face off, and despite the difference in numbers, Kinrou steps up calmly with his golden spear shining like the sun prepared to protect his friends. He goes on the offensive in an impressive display that surprises the enemy. Ukyo, with his arrows and Senkuu with the help of the sun and mirrors to blind them, also attack the enemy. Moz approaches Yuzuriha, Amaryllis and Suika and gestures for them to attack him. They do this with a serious lack of skill but Moz, in keeping with the plan, pretends to be pushed back much to the astonishment of his allies. He tells Kirisame that the hooded warriors are indeed a force to be reckoned with and urges her to use the petrification weapon. Ryuusui gets excited as Kirisame tells her allies to close their eyes as she prepares to unleash the master’s power.

Moz has a plan of his own however. When Kirisame throws the weapon he plans to stand out of the range of the flash and close enough to reach the invaders in a single bound. He doesn’t plan on taking them lightly since he’s seen their sorcery up close and knows they’re not fools. Knowing that it only takes a moment and one finger to manipulate the drone, he plans to strike them just as quickly and remove their heads, thus ensuring his victory.

As Kirisame launches the petrification weapon, she recalls her last moments with Ibara before meeting the enemy. It turns out Ibara noticed the earring Moz is wearing as being the same as the one Kohaku was wearing. He thinks what makes him the strongest is not just having an army but remaining cautious in spite of that. Ibara acquires Kohaku’s earpiece and presumably knows the plans Moz has been making with Senkuu and co. Ibara smiles gleefully as he pronounces himself the winner. Kirisame releases the weapon and Chrome announces The Kingdom of Science has won while Senkuu orders the release of the drone.

Chapter Rating: 8/10

In this chapter all three sides proclaimed their victory and really this one is difficult to call. You have to wonder if Kirisame is going to aim at Moz, therefore petrifying him and revealing his betrayal. Is it even the real weapon considering it’s doubtful Ibara has a way of stopping the drone? Kirisame cannot hope to beat Moz in a 1 vs 1 situation so it would be silly if that wasn’t the actual weapon. Could she possibly maneuver it in a way that would make it difficult for the drone to catch it? If it is fake then is Ibara nearby with the real weapon and Kirisame is just a distraction? One thing for certain is that Moz has been exposed as a traitor and no doubt Ibara has ordered him dealt with. We’ll just have to wait and see how it unfolds in the next chapter.

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