Chapter Review: Dr. Stone (127)

Dr Stone Chapter 127 Review by the Hermit Spriggan

Sensational manga chapter this week. The title pretty much gives it away; Medusa and Perseus.

Media comments before the big event:

Kohaku: Still waiting to come get rescued. Not like they don't have the revival fluid in excess now or anything. Not like they can't send someone to come rescue us or anything.

Ginrou: Ha, I'm getting used to this actually. But I have this very annoying itch on my back. Wish someone would get it for me.

Hyouga: Fingers crossed I'm going to do something epic by the end of the arc. There's no way I've been this ignored. Right guys? Right?

Homura: *Silently files her nails in the background*


So the chapter kicks off with a beautiful color cover. A bit fitting considering the current events of the anime, where the focus was on Byakuya and his crew in space. The first page is also a color cover, consisting of the events of the last page of last week's chapter.

Ryusui was about to release the drone, but he freezes before he can complete the action. Kaseki is confused, but both the captain and Senkuu immediately get a bad feeling. We get a panel where we see Jafar with his talons wrapped around Senkuu, which is just.....really really good. For a moment I thought Jafar had actually arrived there and captured Senkuu, haha.

Jafar and Kirisame are on a boat, and we get a flashback where we see him obtaining the listening device from Kohaku's petrified body. In detail, he listens to all of Senkuu and Mozu's plans. He divulges the same information to Kirisame, before handing her something in secret.

Senkuu tries to ignore the bad feeling in his gut, saying that Science is not dependent on such vague concepts as instincts and spidey senses. Immediately, he gets to calculating (A bit like what he did in the Grand Magic Games, when he was calculating how much time Chrome would need to set Magma's clothes on fire). He realizes that there is no way the petrification device can affect the Kingdom of Science according to its current trajectory, which leads him to one conclusion: The petrification device is fake. (Heh, pretty much like I called it last week x)

It confirms what Jafar had given Kirisame earlier was indeed the fake petrification device. Senkuu shouts to everyone to get into the mobile lab. Mozu spots the real petrification device in Kirisame's hands, realizing what was going on. She expresses doubt that Mozu is a traitor as she had been told earlier, but Mozu immediately darts off to take care of Senkuu and his group. He decides on another time to eliminate Jafar and take the genie lamp for himself.

Inside the trailer, Senkuu and his group spot Mozu quickly gaining ground on them. Yo prepares himself to take action, bragging about how this will take him to the top. Only to realize that he doesn't have the pistol anymore. Pretty funny turn of events.

Suika realizes that both Magma and Gen are not on the lab, and true to that, Magma does have the pistol. He had stolen it from Yo earlier when the police officer was asleep. Gen had caught him in the act, so he had pummeled him silly and dragged him along. Magma tells Gen that with a device like the pistol, it's as easy as heading to Jafar's lair and shooting him.

Jafar and Kirisame are on the Perseus, along with a good number of the island's population. The plan was to gather up every resident, leave just Senkuu and his group in the island and petrify them. Since they would pretty much have nowhere to run or hide, with their main mode of transport taken over. A pretty impressive plan in all honesty. Though it doesn't seem to faze Senkuu in the least bit.

The scientist explains that all they can do now is rely on Magma to save them by going on a shooting spree. Gen says that there is no way he will be able to hit Jafar from where he is, and the chapter ends with an awesome panel of Magma looking like he's playing Call of Duty. Or one of those hipster shooter games.

-The chapter quality in general was just....really well done. They managed to retain the level of high stakes from the previous edition and carried it into this week's events. Something that this manga has honestly struggled with sometimes.
-Jafar is proving to be a damn good villain. Like seriously, the way he came up with the plan of the fake device. Even stealing Kohaku's ear piece to be able to listen in on the KoS's plan. And his plan to petrify Senkuu and co. by isolating them in the village. Just....very well done. It's exciting having a villain who is both brain and brawn.
-Magma getting relevance. Though I'd have thought by now he'd have given up on his plans to become village chief. And just go with the flow of things. Maybe he really will achieve his goal by the end of the manga.
-The color cover and first pages of the chapter.

-Kohaku still not saved D: Someone pls save her, manga is severely missing her T_T
-Kirisame still not redeemed. Ugh, you can tell she is FAR more interesting than Mozu. Needs her to join the nakama group ASAP.

Chapter rating:9/10

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