Chapter Review: Dr. Stone (128)

Dr. Stone - Chapter 128 Review by Seraph

Chapter Title: Island-Wide Battle Royale

This Week's Chapter of Dr. Stone starts out with Ibara and Senkuu claiming that they're going to win this round as the former feels like he has cornered the latter while the latter thinks the former has given him the perfect chance to claim victory here. Ryusui laughs confidently as he already knows how to get the Islanders Trust and expose Ibara,which is by simply showing them the Statue of the Great Leader since there is no way Ibara would take the risk of having him carried around in front of everybody otherwise he'd have to petrify even more people which would cause more suspicion about him. Amaryllis points out that the role of the leader is passed down by heredity,which means that instead of Ibara the next rightful Leader would be Soyuz if the intel of Ginro is true at least. As Ryusui and Ukyo check on the situation at the Perseus,Senkuu begins to split their group up into 2 Teams: One to retrieve the Statue of the Great Leader while the other stirs up Trouble and tries to get onto the Perseus. The Statue retrieval-Team consists of Taiju,Yuzuriha,Ukyo,Suika,Soyuz and Amaryllis while the Trouble-Team consists of Senkuu,Ryusui,Kinro,Nicki,Chrome and Yo. The latter team's goal will be to catch up with Magma as they need the gun back in order to deal with the overwhelming numbers of the enemy,unfortunately they have no idea where he could be...or do they? Just as everybody wonders where to look for they hear gun shots closeby and immediatly conclude that this has to be Magma's doing.

However,not just our heroes have been alerted by the noise but also their enemies,the scene cuts over to Magma and Gen where it is revealed that while Magma's shot clearly could not reach the Perseus and Ibara it did put a hole into one of the passenger canoes. Gen uses his quick wits and "Magic" to scare the Soldiers boarding it off so he and Magma can get closer to Ibara,and it is exactly then that Gen realizes that he has been subconsciously helping Magma in his agenda,he tries to escape but Magma won't let him instead he is appointed to one of his right hand men despite the fact that he once tried to kill Gen...something he conveniently "forgot" about apparently. Back at Senkuu's location the Trouble-Team worries how to catch up to him but Nicki has the answer as she just knocks out another soldier so they can take his canoe,which they do instantly in order to stop Magma in time. The scene switches over to the Retrieval-Team where Ukyo is setting fire to the Inner Palace to spread confusion among the remaining Soldiers while their Group enters the Great Leaders hut,as they close in on it we can see Soyuz seemingly recognizing it but their successful run is put to a stop as they only find the completely shattered Statue of Soyuz' Father. Brief shift to Ibara on the Perseus,our Villain has already predicted the Invaders would try to get their hands onto the Original Leader so he had to smash him,the plan from here on out is to stop the invasion and have someone carve a replica and then petrify the Sculptor afterwards.

As Suika and Amaryllis begin to lose hope Yuzuriha tells them that there is still hope because she still has some of Senkuu's glue left and they'll just have to try and piece him back together,although even she seems unsure after closely inspecting some of the parts as she believes he cannot be revived even when put together. Soyuz finds one of his hands lying around and begins to hold it in a manner as if he was shaking it for a greeting,suddenly,Soyuz begins to remember his fathers reaction when he was carried into the hut by his Mother. Soyuz claims that he just remembered everything from his time on the Island,his parents and most importantly...their faces and bodies,he apologizes to his late father under tears for the time it took him to return but with his perfect memory they will be able to put him back together and give him a resting place befitting for a Leader of his Stature. The scene cuts back to Senkuu and Co. where they're about to board the Perseus,the Soldiers get ready to stop them but our heroes charge right for Ibara and the Weapon. Senkuu needs the Team to stir trouble and go wild on their enemies until the Retrieval-Team gets back here,with Nicki making it her duty to stop Magma and take the gun back before he runs out of Ammo. Kinro will buy all the time they need while Magma only wants to put Ibara full of holes. The deciding clash begins...

Personal Thought's

I rate this Chapter an 8 out of 10.

Pretty emotional reunion between Soyuz and his Father,even more sad and shocking that he cannot be revived even when put together,meanwhile Ibara is becoming a better and better Villain than i first gave him credit for. Now i only wonder where and how Hyouga and Homura get brought back into this or if they are petrified as well because with a clash on the ship against their armed enemies that'd be the perfect chance for them to show up again,please make it happen Inagaki-Sensei!...Anyway,Magma really brought some chaos into their operation,gotta say,it is nice and well for a distraction but not when you've got a guy holding the gun with zero practice and skill at handling it. If it was part of their plan then Senkuu would've wanted Yo to go ahead and do it,surely. Nicki will probably have to stop Magma and perhaps feed more into their already teased ship from before. That'd be good actually now that i think about it...hmm...MagmaXNicki...i can see it happen...err anyway! I'm looking forward to next time as always,looks like we're heading towards the climax of the arc now. Final clash on the Perseus and Senkuu coming face to face with Ibara for the first time in the next chapter too,definitely gonna be interesting.Till next time everybody!

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