Chapter Review: Dr. Stone (129)

Dr. Stone Chapter 129 Review by Belserion

Chapter Title: Joker

This week continues with our heroes charging full speed ahead towards Ibara and the stolen Perseus. Gen thinks Senkuu and the others are there to rescue him so is shocked when he realizes everyone has lost their minds and are going after Ibara instead. The goal here is to buy time for Taijuu, Yuzuriha and the others to get to the Master, but as we saw last week, they would not be able to salvage him. Senkuu and the others don’t know that yet though. Gen worries because it’s the nine of them vs hundreds, but Magma is already on the ship and completely disregarding the fact that no lives should be taken, orders Ibara to prepare to die.

Nicky reaches Magma in time and hits him on the head causing the shots to go wild and serving only to scare the enemy instead of killing them. Magma is upset and threatens to kill Nicky instead, but Nicky’s impressed that Magma is still standing after her attack and the two continue to bicker. Ryuusui warns Magma not to waste ammo, while he’s reminded that the gun is their trump card, but it’s too late as there’s only three shots left. Senkuu adds some magnesium to the gun which would produce a fireworks show, as proven when Yo shoots it in an attack he calls Sorcerers Spell: Spear of Light. Gen plays it up promising to show the enemy the light, which causes most of them to panic and flee the ship. They notice one boat isn’t fleeing but instead is coming towards them, and it’s none other than Moz who’s on it and he looks angry.

Senkuu points out that now there will be no negotiations and nowhere to run so they would have a showdown. They tell Yo to earn his keep as Sheriff and he faces off against Moz. Yo fires, but unfortunately Moz dodges as he remembers that it only takes a single moment and a finger for the “sorcerers” to work their magic, so he waited for the moment he saw Yo’s finger move and skillfully dodged the bullet. He knocks Yo, and unfortunately the gun, out of the way fairly easily and Kinrou took that as his cue to confront Moz. The two have a brief skirmish but Moz eventually breaks Kinrou’s shield and knocks him down. He does the same to Nicky and our heroes have no choice but to retreat from Moz, with Senkuu admitting to Gen that the scientific trump card well has run dry.

They reach the bottom of the ship and like Chrome says, they’re trapped like rats since they’ve reached a dead end. Ibara claps and compliments them on doing well so far but unfortunately for them their time is up. Senkuu has a moment where he looks resigned, but tells his comrades that they haven’t been backed into a corner, they were right where they need to be in that exact room. He throws some of the revival formula behind him into a cage and Gen finally realizes exactly where they are. Senkuu admits this is the one card he did not want to play, their final Joker card. He’s not surprised Ibara and his forces could not open the iron and impenetrable gate of science. Kinrou also realizes what’s happening and as they have no other choice, entrusts his golden spear to someone. This person turns out to be our resident antagonist Hyoga, looking as sinister as ever as he finally leaves his cage.

Chapter Rating: 9/10

Fantastic chapter. My one issue is that the whole deal with Moz ended up being so unnecessary. Why would you prefer to make a deal with the devil you don’t know, one who you know plans to kill you when this is all over anyway, than with the devil you do know? One of the reasons Hyoga and Homura are on the trip was for if the team encountered enemies they couldn’t handle, and this was the ideal situation. Anyway, I’m not a Hyoga fan but I’m excited to see where this goes. I wanted to see Tsukasa vs Moz, and that’s impossible, but Hyoga vs Moz should be just as good if not better since they have similar ruthless personalities. Really looking forward to the climax of this arc, from this upcoming battle to the moment when Soyuz reveals his true identity to the village.

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