Chapter Review: Dr. Stone (130)

Dr Stone Chapter 130 Review by the Best Star Shine

Chapter title this week is 'The Devil's Selection'. Quite ominous, I'd say. Though that color page is.....just extraordinary. Stunning really.


We kick off from where we left off last week, with Hyoga being released from his petrification. Gen is shocked, not sure of how things will turn out. Much like the audience, I presume. Nikki asks how they are going to stop him since they don't have a gun. Senkuu states that they first need to know which side he is on, before deciding on anything else. As things stand, he is currently Joker.

Jafar is puzzled. From his memory, Hyoga was a statue. He also remembers Ukyo as being one of the statues before, adding more to his confusion. Immediately, he bolts from the room, and Magma is beaten down by Mozu after trying to give chase. Hyoga realizes how strong Mozu is from that single swing. He also realizes this is why Senkuu revived him, something that the scientist affirms to.

Hyoga adds on about how currently he can decide to team up with the Kingdom of Science, or simply destroy them. Atop the ship, Ibara comes to a conclusion that Senkuu and his group can revive the broken statues. If they were to revive the Great Leader, things would be hectic. Within the Grand Palace, Yuzuriha has just managed to put together the statue of the former chief.

Soyuz apologizes for having abandoned his father for that long. Gen is brainstorming over what strategies to use to get Hyoga onto their side. He comes up with an idea, which involves Nikki pretending to be part of a couple with Hyouga. The girl refuses, saying that she needs to be in the mood. Hyoga tells Gen to shut up, or else he will kill him.

The masked man then thinks to himself that after that little charade, both Gen and Nikki do proper work. Senkuu, everyone else, if Hyoga were to team up with Mozu, all of them would be killed within an instance. He thinks back to Senkuu's ideologies about reviving everyone. Turning to Mozu, Hyoga begins to explain his own view of things. Like Tsukasa, he wants survival to be based on the fittest. A form of artificial selection where he chooses the people with superior genes, whereas the weaker ones are left to their own devices. Unlike Tsukasa however, he doesn't say he will destroy the statues of the ones left behind.

Mozu agrees with this train of thought, thinking that this is what Hyoga wants to hear. He tells him that they can select the best girls within the island. Ryuusui disagrees with this train of thought, stating that every girl is beautiful. To this statement, Mozu turns to look at Nikki, who has a smile on her face.

Hyoga asks if Mozu was referring to just superficial looks and beauty, to which he says that it applies to women. With men, the lines are a bit more blurred. This prompts Hyoga to make his decision.

Outside the ship, Kirisame and a few others have just arrived on a small boat. Ibara shouts at Kirisame to engulf the entire island in the petrification ray. Hyoga lunges at Senkuu with his spear, before instructing him to move left. A spear fight then breaks out between Hyoga and Mozu.

Within the island, Taiju and his group are heading towards the ship with the body of the Great Leader in tow. Hyoga shows his face to Mozu, complementing his comrades for doing things properly. The chapter ends with a caption announcing that Hyoga has joined the battle.

-Hyoga's characterization being consistent with his first appearance in the manga. The first time he appeared, he complemented Senkuu and co. for being people who did things efficiently. At the time it seemed like sarcasm, but this time round he seemed pretty genuine in the compliment.
-Ibara continuing to be a stand out villain. Though I do wonder whether Kirisame will go ahead with the plan to petrify the village.
-Mozu vs Hyoga
-Ryuusui's comment to Mozu, lol.
-Kirisame's short cameo. This girl has a bright future ahead of her, letting you all know in advance.

-The break this week, ugh.

Final chapter rating:9/10

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