Chapter Review: Dr. Stone (132)

Dr. Stone Chapter 132 Review by Belserion

Chapter Title: The Strongest Weapon Is….

Yo's moment to shine? Ibara defeated? Hyoga overpowered? Let's see.

The chapter begins with Yo shooting the last bullet at Ibara. He hits his target and the petrification weapon falls into the ocean, which prompts Yo to dive in after it. He’s ecstatic to have obtained the strongest weapon, claiming the Medusa was his. He has big plans for the weapon, the first being to get revenge on Moz for pushing him into the ocean. He has daydreams about everyone praising him as the top guy in the Kingdom of Science, and as he prepares to attack Moz, he realizes he has no idea how to use the weapon.

On the ship, Moz praises Hyoga’s skill and comments on the amount of training he must have had to master his skill. It’s all empty since in the next instance Moz tells Hyoga that it’s not enough to beat him because his talent is natural considering he’s a genius. Moz attacks Hyoga and claims that in contrast to Hyoga, he’s been the strongest since he was born. Hyoga falls back into the water, a move Moz sees through as Hyoga dodging. He follows Hyoga, who’s swam to the nearest island surface, and he seems quite disappointed that Hyoga has chosen to flee instead of fight. Hyoga is hardly paying attention to Moz as he laments Senkuu’s character and knows that since he’s not one to run away with his tail between his legs, they must have raced off to get something. This turns out to be true as we see Nicki, Senkuu and Gen gathering materials in the forest. Hyoga knows that as their Joker, they would want him to have his strongest weapon, so he has faith that they will provide it, something that surprises him.

We see the team taking measurements for graphite and alcohol to combine with the bamboo they cut from forest. They’re making a type of lubricant to coat the bamboo inside, and eventually they do this. Magma is entrusted to get the bamboo to Hyoga, something that he does quite easily by throwing it to him, as he’s one of the strongest in the group. Hyoga, with more manners than I would have expected, thanks them and commends them for doing well as always. He tells Moz to prepare to witness the Spear of Science with 500 years of history woven into it. Hyoga then prepares to show Moz the Owari Kan-Ryu Spear Style. Moz is transfixed by Hyoga’s movement as the spear starts spinning in circles, gleaming gold like the sun. Moz is completely overwhelmed with Hyoga moving too fast for him to keep up. He asks how Hyoga is doing it and Hyoga explains to him saying it acts like a lever with the pipe as a fulcrum, it also takes months of training to master.

Senkuu and the others watch on, pretty excited as Hyoga overpowers Moz. As for Moz he can’t believe he’s being beaten by sorcery. Hyoga asks Moz what he thinks Humanity’s strongest weapon is. Without waiting for Moz to reply, he tells him it’s a certain privilege afforded to the human race, the accumulation of knowledge over multiple generations. For thousands of years it was diligently built up then passed on to the next generation. He ends by telling Moz that up against such never ending diligence, a single man’s raw talent doesn’t stand a chance. With this, Hyoga stands over a defeated Moz with his spear pointed at his throat.

Elsewhere, Yo is still playing around in the ocean by pretending to zap the village soldiers. Even though he doesn’t know how to use the device he’s content that he’s foiled Ibara’s plan of petrifying the entire island. Suddenly Ibara appears from above, mouth open in what appears to be a last ditch effort, ready to rip the device away from Yo.

Chapter Rating: 8/10

This was a good chapter. Not sure if Hyoga has had a complete change of heart but it’s obvious he appreciates the Kingdom of Science and will aid them, at least for now. Looking forward to seeing what Ibara will accomplish here. While I enjoy the comedic aspect of the manga, I found Yo to be too unguarded. With a weapon like Medusa he should have at least tried getting it to Senkuu right away when it became obvious he didn’t know how to use it. Now it’s highly likely that it’s about to fall right back into Ibara’s hands. Hopefully I’m wrong and Yo redeems himself.

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