Chapter Review: Dr. Stone (133)

Dr Stone Chapter 133 Review by Hermit

Apologies for the late review, a truck run me over and I woke up in another world where there were no laptops.

But without further ado:

Ibara is still falling from the sky, and he gets to where Yo is. He shouts the command 'Three meters, one second', before plunging into the water. Yo gets petrified, effectively letting go of the petrification device. Oarashi is stunned at what happened to Yo, but Ibara fully intends on having him use the petrification device. He shouts '2000 meters, 15 minutes', before 'handing' the device to Oarashi. Scared out of his mind, he immediately darts out of the water and heads towards the inland.

Ukyo was paying attention to Yo, so he was able to pick on the commands Ibara had used on the device. The rest of the KoS notice Oarashi's crazed run towards the heart of the village, and Amaryllis instructs him to stop Oarashi in his tracks. Taiju shouts to everyone that he (Oarashi) has the Medusa. This in turn, triggers a chain reaction. The residents of the village (Ibara's subordinates) are fully intent on protecting Oarashi and letting him fulfill his objectives, while the rest of the Kingdom of Science intends on stopping the oaf of a man.

Magma and Kinrou catch up to Oarashi, but he easily swats them away. Ibara states that there isn't a human alive who can stop Oarashi (Feels like a bit of an exaggeration, but you get the point). Ryuusui, Chrome and Senkuu immediately begin to brainstorm ideas. Chrome thinks back to the first time they were petrified on the ship. He tells Senkuu that the speed of the ray remained constant all throughout the process.

The junior scientist, Kaseki and Ryuusui all head in a different direction from where Oarashi was headed. Taiju catches up with Oarashi, and manages to stop him in his tracks. Brilliant show of strength and endurance. Even Oarashi is impressed. Sadly, it turns out that he doesn't have the Medusa. He tells everyone that Ibara informed him if he got to the middle of the village he wouldn't be caught in the petrification beam. And to the despair of everyone there, Ibara turns out to have retained possession of the device. He proceeds to launch it into the sky above the island and it activates.

Some of the KoS members start linking hands, and Chrome tells Senkuu he's leaving the rest to him. The chapter ends with Senkuu starting to formulate a plan.

-Season 2 being announced!!!! Get in!!!! Lovely cover page to kick off the chapter as well, really glad this series is getting a second season. Hopefully it gets the MHA/Black Clover treatment and the whole franchise is adapted.
-Ibara continues to impress as a villain. The decoy plan with Oarashi was well played. Props to him, I wonder how they will take him down.
-Taiju being one of the unsung MVP's of the arc. Seriously loving how he is being dealt with in this saga. From rescuing all the statues from under the water, informing the village that the Great Leader is a statue (Something Kohaku had tried earlier), to even stopping Oarashi in the chapter, very solid writing. I just hope this trajectory of his continues to go upwards.
-Chrome getting a moment too. He isn't particularly one of my favorite characters, but I like how he usually gets a shining moment regardless of how knowledgeable Senkuu is.

-How late this review is. My heartfelt apologies.

Chapter rating: 9/10

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Ibara didn't have the medusa, he made Oarashi eat the medusa so it would activate inside his stomach in the center of the island.