Chapter Review: Dr. Stone (134)

Dr. Stone - Chapter 134 Review by Seraph

Chapter Title: Commander Faceoff!

As the terrifying light of the Medusa spreads across the entire Island petrifying everything in it's wake we see Senkuu hastily formulating a counter strategy against the light in order to avoid being petrified by it, Ukyo uses his final moments before becoming a statue to inform Senkuu that the device is voice activated in order to specify range and duration of the usage. Hyoga and Mos lament that despite fighting for their respective factions to the end they probably will not be revived as they're both too powerful and evil to be trusted again,however,if they are to come back someday then Mos would like Hyoga to teach him in the art of Owari-kan Ryu Style as he has become very interested in the technique and strength that Hyoga displayed. Hyoga agrees to teach him,that is if they ever get revived again. The light has spread across the entire island by now and everybody is being petrified instantly,the petrification begins to spread across Senkuu's body as well but our Scientist faces it rather eagerly judging by his expression. Does he have a Plan?. The Light of the Medusa stops right in front of the Perseus where Ibara relishes in the face of his plans success,a giant wall of water shoots up as the force of the light reached the Ocean as well. After the light subsided Ibara boarded one of the Passenger boats to cross the short distance to the Island in order to retrieve the Medusa,as he sets foot on the Island once more he(despicable villain that he is-) doesn't bother stepping on his petrified men lying in his path.

Ibara begins to laugh and celebrate his "Solo Supreme Victory",as he makes his way up the mountain where he sent Oarashi he cannot help but laugh at the efforts of his adversaries as they proved meaningless in the end. He is the last one standing on the Island,as such he gets to chose who will be revived and who can remain petrified. Naturally some of the Villagers will be revived,but mostly women as the harem needs to continue. He plans to take the Revival Fluid from the "Sorcerers" to do so and if there isn't enough he'll force them to create more and more. As Ibara comes across the statues of Ryusui,Chrome,Kaseki,Gen and Nicki he notices that they're all striking the same pose and standing in one straight line,but that's not all they're all showing a different amount of fingers as well as making different expressions which are as follows:
1. Chrome,standing first making an expression that looks like he is yelling at someone, is showing just his fist which would equal 0.
2. Ryusui,second in line cracking a cocky smile, is showing 2 fingers.
3. Gen,third in line making a relaxed and nonchalant expression,is showing a full hand.
4. Kaseki,fourth in line making his usual calm expression,also showing a full hand.
5. Nicki,fifth in line but since she is so far away her expression remains unclear,she is showing 4 Fingers.
It is a personal guess of mine so make of it what you want but perhaps the expressions and amount of fingers are supposed to convey a message/code/order to a certain someone,the order would be "02554". I'm not sure if this is something Chrome came up with but it is no coincidence that's all we can make of it for now i guess.

Anyway!,Ibara continues his path up the mountain and comes across the statue of Soyuz whom he recognizes and as he does he gets a flashback of when he petrified the Great Leader and chased Soyuz along with his mother of the Island while attempting to kill them both. Soyuz Mother succumbed to her wounds eventually meaning that Soyuz was discovered next to the dead body of his very Mother when they arrived in Ishigami Village. As his flashback ends he begins to ridicule the petrified Soyuz as he may have reached the Island he was destined to rule someday after 20 long years only to become the same as his father: A stone statue. He bids Soyuz farewell and hopes he will enjoy his eternal sleep,he walks over to Oarashi's statue and instantly smashes it with a big rock in order to retrieve the Medusa from his insides. Rejoicing over his "reunion" with the Medusa Ibara suddenly notices fresh footprints nearby,which is weird since nobody should've been able to escape that far from the top after the weapon activated,Ibara begins to follow the footprints and as he does the earring that he took from Kohaku before suddenly activates and emits a very loud noise. Following both the noise and the footprints Ibara arrives at the Labcar a.k.a "That Strange Beast",he recognizes the vehicle but wonders how it can be up and running with nobody around anymore,as he walks behind it he notices that it's door is open and another "Magical Device" is lying on the floor.

Said Device is a microphone,and right as Ibara lays eyes on it the words "5 Meters,1 Second" come shouting out of it,realizing that it is intended to trigger the Medusa Ibara throws his weapon away in order to remain safe but nothing happens. As the surprise attack failed we see who exactly the "attacker" was,and it was no one other than Senkuu! The Albert Einstein of the Stone World!. Senkuu doubts that Ukyo read the situation wrong but that the weapon can only be commanded when being close and personal with it,as Ibara spots him he greets the villain with a cocky challenge: Science versus Medusa! A true faceoff between the leaders of the Kingdom of Science and the Kingdom of Petrification! Ibara versus Senkuu!. Ibara's only response to these developments is: "HOW ARE YOU STILL ALIVE?!"...

Personal Thought's

I rate this Chapter a 9 out of 10.

Oh man,Senkuu is going to pay Ibara back so bad for what he did to all of his comrades i can feel it. Those last panels were incredibly satisfying to read and look at,Senkuu scaring him half to death with his little maneuver,but who can blame him...i actually thought it was gonna work like that too. What i am curious about is how Senkuu escaped being petrified entirely,we did see his fingers beginning to petrify,Chrome's hint gave him some sort of clue/idea as to how to counter the Medusa. He has to,otherwise he wouldn't take Ibara on so confidently. Then there's also the different numbers his friends showed with their fingers while all facing the same direction,perhaps an order of something? Another hint? We'll see just what Senkuu has in store for the Big Bad Guy here in this final face-off between the Leaders,i only know that i'm hyped for it already! Till next time everybody!!!

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