Chapter Review: Dr. Stone (137)

Dr. Stone - Chapter 137 Review by Seraph

Chapter Title: Last Man Standing

The "Senkuu Sora 3" has taken to the skies,operated by Captain Ryusui,engaged in midair with the Medusa now the only thing left to do is pull it back in to retrieve the device. That is if it wasn't for Ibara trying to pull it back...the midair clash turns into an on land tug of war! As the Medusa's own rope tears apart Ibara is quick to replace it as he throws one of his drapes hanging from his garments around the drone which magically ties itself together in midair(I know,i know-) allowing him to continue the tug of war against Ryusui and Senkuu. Speaking of our heroes,despite the advantage in numbers they appear to be in a heavy struggle against the Elder Ibara who is quite easily holding his own in this contest of strength...or is it a contest of strength?. We remember how Ibara gave the command of: "Five Meters,Five Seconds." to the Medusa before meaning if they time it right,which is one of Senkuu's strongpoints: Counting!. While Ibara ridicules Senkuu and Ryusui for losing in a contest of strength to an Old Man like him but it is to be expected,Ibara used to be a Warrior back in the day so he won't lose to someone who is still "green". On the other side Ryusui and Senkuu are doing their best to hold onto the Medusa before it activates,they plan to let go in the last second to have Ibara end up petrified while they go and retrieve the Weapon but to no surprise Ibara expected them to try that. As the Weapon flies towards him,about to activate,the Old Man throws his helmet against it in order to push it back towards his opponents, shocking them in the process. As the Weapon activates right in front of them Ibara begins to lecture them that while it was a good idea it would never work as he has done countless exercises to counter the Device if ever thrown back at him,besides,he is never off when it comes to measuring it's range either. He goes on to reveal a "Fun-fact" to the boys which is that those who think themselves to be smart will always be easy to trap!

Suddenly,just as the Old Man has finished rambling on and on,a petrified Ryusui comes flown towards him apparently striking his trademark pose to confuse the Minister which he interpreted as an attempt to overcome the Medusa with brute strength but we all know that both Senkuu and Ryusui are not friends of force and strength but of logic and tactic. As Ryusui falls to the ground and breaks into several pieces Ibara begins to mock him for his recklessness,as he retrieves the Medusa he announces himself to be the victor of this long and hard fought battle: The Last Man Standing!. But as he looks up our Villain realizes that Ryusui did not attempt to throw himself at Ibara but to attach the earring he had taken from Mozu before to the Medusa, as Ibara begins to sweat and fear for his safety Senkuu calls out to him. He was right,those that think themselves to be smart will always be easy to trap,which also includes Ibara himself. Senkuu calls the command: "Five Meters,One Second." As Ibara looks at the Medusa the last thing he sees is the terrifying light which so many others fell victim to turned against him,as the light engulfs and petrifies his entire body the last sound to be heard from him is "Nooooooooo....". As Ibara falls to the ground Senkuu slowly begins to approach him in order to take the Medusa away from him,as he holds it in his hands he can't help but smile and yell: "Yessssss!" in relief and happiness. Medusa Aquired!. As Senkuu makes his way up towards the centre of the island where Oarashi activated the Island Wide Petrification he notices all of the petrified Soldiers and Comrades of his,as he closes in on his destination he thinks that he is alone once more just like when he awoke from the petrification for the first time after 3,700 years.

But just as he concludes this thought he is contacted by Ruri and the Villagers of Ishigami Village asking him about his well-being,to which Senkuu responds that he isn't alone anymore because he has made many friends and said friends are awaiting their safe return. As the sun sets Senkuu sits down in front of Soyuz and Taiju,taking the first and very deserved peaceful breather since arriving on the Treasure Island.

Personal Thought's

I rate this Chapter a 8.5 out of 10.

Intense conclusion to this fight really,Ibara was a harder opponent than initially thought by me but then again it was more or less a battle of wits between him and Senkuu rather than an actual fight. I wasn't sure if things would go this well for them right away but apart from Ryusui sacrificing himself again for the Science Kingdom they didn't risk too much here. Or rather barely anything,as the Petrification can be reversed soon-ish and his Statue be pieced together too. Now i'm curious if Senkuu will immediatly go and inspect the Medusa or if he'll go and revive some of the others first to help him out,i'm very curious what kind of technology it is and even moreso where it came from and how the Islanders came into it's possession. Perhaps the Why-man is connected to this mess? I hope so,their voyage needs to continue anyway,since i doubt they build the Perseus for one trip to a small island to retrieve these minerals for the Revival Fluid. I'll be looking forward to the next chapters as always,till next time everybody!!!

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