Chapter Review: Dr. Stone (141)

Dr. Stone - Chapter 141 Review by Seraph

Chapter Title: First Team

If the Kingdom of Science is going up against someone who's out to petrify all of mankind once more then they have no choice but to revive their strongest friend and martial artist: Tsukasa Shishio!,Senkuu and Co. will revive him and brief him on the current situation and while at it make him join their Group. And with this exciting intro i welcome you all to the Dr. Stone Chapter Review for Chapter 141 that had 2 of the most finely drawn and colored Cover Pages in a long time in my humble opinion,we got an exciting but emotional reunion with Tsukasa ahead of us in this chapter so let's get straight to it shall we? We shall!.

As the Perseus sails towards the Kingdom of Science,aka Ishigami Village,the ladies around Ruri spot that Taiju as well as Gen are missing their face "cracks" left behind by their first revival hinting that the Crew has been successful on their voyage towards Treasure Island. Which is quickly confirmed by Chrome,thanks to the Platinum allowing them to create an unlimited amount of Revival Fluid and the Medusa they aquired on Takarajima they can now petrify and revive themselves from all sorts of injuries now whenever they need to. Ruri can't help but smile about the controversy of the great threat that petrified all of Humanity thousands of years ago becoming their ally to aid saving their friends,Mirai(Tsukasa's younger sister-) cannot help but feel happy about Tsukasa finally waking up from his "cold sleep". Senkuu and Gen comment on how it always was a gamble as to wether or not the freezing process would be enough to keep Tsukasa from dying and if they could get their hands on the functioning Medusa at all,but not just that Ryusui cuts in and wonders why Senkuu did not use the Medusa and Revival Fluid to heal his injuries sustained from facing Ibara before which he noticed due to Senkuu still having his face "cracks" on his forehead. Ryusui arrives at the logical conclusion that Senkuu could've easily healed himself and brought Tsukasa back too if there was not some sort of issue preventing him from that,which Senkuu confirms,the Medusa has run out of power after the almost constant usage on Takarajima.

As the Group makes for Tsukasa's location beneath the Waterfall Senkuu explains that the Medusa seems to operate with some kind of energy he can't clarify just yet,and since he cannot just break the device open to inspect it without bringing Tsukasa back first his hands are tied at the moment,he also reveals(Which some of us already knew perhaps-) that the Petri-Beam that enveloped Ibara was just a radius of one meter meaning that the device was already running low on energy back there. Kirisame puts 2 and 2 together in her head and realizes that the Great Leader warned the Citizens not to unleash the Medusa over a wide area nor to abuse it because the device would eventually run out of energy and the Islands only and absolute deterrent against Enemies would become useless. Ibara broke those rules when he used the device on pretty much anyone that dared to oppose him and when he petrified the entire Island through Oarashi,anyway,despite the shortage of Energy the group will try and bring Tsukasa back. Mirai puts the Medusa into her brothers hands and holds it real tight,Taiju aids her and encourages her to not let go because even the tiniest bit of Petri-Light should be enough to petrify Tsukasa. The entire group gathers around Tsukasa holding his hand,Senkuu claims that wether its too optimistic or not it is also logical to try because if the device was to have an outburst of Petri-Light then his cracks and remaining injuries would get healed too.

Once everybody has taken a hold of Tsukasa's hand Senkuu calls out for Medusa: "One Meter,One Second!" and with that the last bit of light emerges from the device instantly petrifying Tsukasa,Senkuu takes out Revival Fluid and revives him quickly and to nobodies surprise Tsukasa gets up instantly too to great his younger sister Mirai. Very emotional moment on a very nicely drawn page,he just stands there smiling at her while she's lost in tears,after some of the ladies gave Tsukasa their greetings the former enemy walks over to Senkuu asking a single question instead of a greeting: "What's our situation?". Senkuu cracks a smile and then cockily responds that they're going to invade the Moon,resulting in even the Almighty and serious Tsukasa losing his cool for a brief moment, Tsukasa gathers himself quickly and claims that they will need a small crew for this Trip and that there isn't a better security than he is around. He and Senkuu have a brief banter moment with Ginro getting a little cocky inbetween too, Matsukaze is judging Tsukasa's capabilities during this and concludes that Tsukasa is a very dignified Warrior who has honed his skills and abilities beyond perfection prompting him to request a duel from the man immediatly. Tsukasa accepts his challenge and quickly defeats him while also breaking his weapon,he ponders that Matsukaze could be even more powerful if he was to master some of the modern and refined martial arts.

Realizing that Tsukasa is at his peak again Yo threatens that if he was to try and murder Senkuu again then he would have to answer Sheriff Yo and his gun,while he's acting all cool he is still scared as pointed out by Nikki since Yo is shaking already. Tsukasa calms everybody down that while he is no threat to them anymore he is also not the best choice for an ally,with warriors like Matsukaze they have nothing to fear in the future,but Senkuu only responds that he should get over the past and make up for what happened by helping them out now. Suika wonders if Senkuu will always have those cracks on his face now that the Medusa is done for but Ryusui responds that it is basically not of importance since once they lift the secret behind "Dr. Stone" they can heal anything they need to. Gen,feeling inspired by the situation and the fact that Senkuu alone is left with face cracks,gets a bowl of black paint and draws his previous cracks on his face again with Taiju and the others following suit. The day they remove the paint will be the day that they triumph over Why-man and his petrification weapons,he turns to Tsukasa who he strongly suggests should join their group unless he is the type to whine about a little paint on his face too. Tsukasa accepts and agrees to join the Kingdom of Science in the end,as everybody celebrates Senkuu wants to start discussing the "Roadmap" towards their trip to the Moon next...

Personal Thought's

I rate this Chapter a 10 out of 10,i know i know some would say "That's way too high praise from you,Sir!" but i'm a fan of emotional and finely drawn chapters such as this one. Tsukasa reuniting with Senkuu and Co. as well as his Sister Mirai almost made me shed a tear,the only thing that could've made this chapter even better would've been Kirisame spotting Tsukasa and then blushing. I need this ship to happen haha.

Overall Chapter was very nice,even if ignoring the emotional moments,Tsukasa making amends by joining his former enemies and Gen's idea with the war paint was pretty nice to see. They've truly become friends now and will walk the path to war against the Why-man together till the end,Tsukasa and Senkuu understand the other perfectly and know how they think now as well as their motivations. Having battled each other before and getting brought back to his senses Tsukasa instantly realized that his revival is not solely due to kindness but because he proved that he has the will and strength to help Senkuu and the others to reach their goal. They're willing to look past what happened before and after what happened with Ibara as well as what Why-man is up to they know that Tsukasa was pretty "harmless" compared to what those 2 aspired to achieve,Tsukasa had a very idealistic but cruel goal but he was never lusting for control and power but order,which when ignoring the particulars of his ambition isn't too bad a thing but it's always about how you go about these things in Life isn't it? It is,and Tsukasa realized his mistakes and decided to make up for them by helping out instead of fighting back. Incredible change in character since his first meeting with Senkuu to now,Top 5 for me when it comes to Dr. Stone. Next Chapter will be interesting as Senkuu explains their Roadmap for the Rocket Building now,maybe we can already guess where some of their trips will take them here? Let's see,i'm looking forward to it for sure,Till next time everybody!!!

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