Chapter Review: Dr. Stone (142)

Dr. Stone Chapter 142 Review by Belserion

Chapter Title: World Power

Last Chapter Tsukasa was finally healed and revived, and after a nice talk with Senkuu decided to join the crew in a mission to travel around the world to gather materials to build a Spaceship to travel to the moon to confront the Why-man. And yes it’s just as outrageous as it sounds no matter how much you think about it. They are going to the moon for a showdown!

This week Senkuu confirms that they definitely need to travel around the world for the materials because Japan alone won’t have enough. Chrome especially is fired up about this, given that he considers himself a great explorer. Tsukasa and Gen have a brief conversation where Tsukasa tells Gen that he’s glad he revived him despite the fact that he betrayed him once. Gen shrugs it off and calls himself an opportunist who makes use of other people’s talents. It’s summed up in something Francois say: “The achievements of the individual can never amount to much, what truly matters is the bringing together of the talents of many.” We see what she means as everyone dedicates their talents to preparing for the journey. Ginrou of course complains about the rush since they only just got back home, but Senkuu reminds him they need a lot of resources, especially since they will be out in the winter. Francois is baking the stollen (long lasting bread), while Yuzuriha and Kaseki are making a model of the spaceship road map. When the time comes to present the road map to everyone, Senkuu and the others are shocked when they reveal a Globe. The Globe is absolutely beautiful, and if you don’t read the chapter for anything else, at least go and take a look at the globe they built!

Everyone is marveling at the Globe and the different cities on it such as Corn City, Aluminum City, Math City, Rubber City etc. This is the start of a new world globe by the way. Senkuu doesn’t think a crew of a dozen people will be enough for what’s to come, so resolves to revive people all around the world and establish new cities. Gen is blown away by such a grand plan, but Kohaku mentions they can make unlimited revival fluid thanks to Treasure Island, and with this Taijuu realizes it’s time to revive the 7 billion petrified people, basically the whole world. Grand plan indeed. Senkuu confirms this and expects these revived ones will help them with the building of these new cities.

Ukyo is worried that the population will exceed 150 persons per community and also of the possibility that there will be some bad people mixed in with the good. Ryuusui thinks once they establish law and order in the new cities people will accept it and things will stabilize. Ukyo is still worried that the initial start could be rough, but Tsukasa tells them that while it could be a problem, villains would not be allowed to ruin things. He assures them it will be fine but there’s still some doubt and grumbling, which causes Tsukasa to unleash his Byakugan and reiterate once again that it will be fine, to which he gets a positive response this time with everyone agreeing. I’m serious about the Byakugan. It’s probably a little gag nod to Naruto.

The first place they’re heading is East. Ryuusui compares them to Christopher Columbus and promises a prize of 100,000 Dragos to whoever spots land first. Tsukasa asks about the prize but Ryuusui is quickly silenced by Minami and Gen warns that him that Tsukasa does not like privileged people like him. Minami tells Ryuusui she was prepared to not like him as well, but the rumors about him were wrong. He tells her she may hate him with a passion but he loves her. And no my dear shippers this was not a true declaration because he goes on to tell her that he loves all women and men too. He desires them all, even Tsukasa. Minami tells him he can’t just control people with money but Ryuusui sets her straight by explaining that money is just a handy tool created for and by civilization. It is not meant to control but to focus hearts and minds, and everyone combining their strengths like that unlocks humanity’s full potential. He believes once they get everyone on earth working together, Science will get them to the moon.

Senkuu says they are going to need ridiculous amounts of alcohol to revive all those people, since it’s the main ingredient in the revival fluid. Since growing grapes and potatoes could never yield enough alcohol, Senkuu decides the first city they establish will be Corn City and the place to do that is America. The reason for their urgency is because winter is coming and the corn will wither when it does. They’re after the Yellow Dent corn specifically; the species of corn the USA prided itself on with a yield so high it felt like cheating. Not only would making alcohol from them make reviving 7 billion people a possibility, but it could also be roasted and used to feed those people. They’ll kill two birds with one stone.

Gen recalls the lie they once told when they said the United States was up and running, a lie he thought would send them straight to hell, so he tells Senkuu before they are sent there they will make the lie a reality. And with that our heroes set off on their City Building World Tour. Their first stop is America!

Chapter Rating: 8/10

This was a nice chapter. It was basically a build up and preparation chapter in anticipation of their world tour. As mentioned in the review I love the creativity of the Globe built by Yuzuriha and Kaseki. Also I’m hoping that there will be no residual friction between Tsukasa and Ryuusui, selfishly because I love both. I’m really looking forward to the next chapter when their adventure begins!

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