Chapter Review: Dr. Stone (143)

Dr Stone Chapter 143 Review by Hermit

The chapter was a transitional one with no really meaningful plot developments. Still a very enjoyable one though.

It kicks off with Minami recording the crew members in their natural habitats. Bit of a recap really, reminding the audience about the roles of the cast. There's a small panel where Kirisame blushes when she's asked about Kinrou (Potential ship?), and Suika is praised as being resourceful. Aside from that, the rest is pretty much what we know.

We get a stunning panel of the ship out at sea. Might be the best panel in the manga ever since they were air borne in the hot air balloon.

Now here comes the interesting bit of the chapter. Senkuu and Ryusui are both engaged in a heated discussion. Senkuu wishes to make the trip to America within 40 days, while Ryuusui would prefer it took longer, i.e 70 days. The two begin to brawl comically, and it's up to Taiju to stop them.

Ryuusui proceeds to explain that if they travel in a straight line (Rhumb Line), the distance would take longer. That would be beneficial in the sense that the crew won't be so burdened to complete the trip. Not to mention they can train adequately on board to prepare for the encounter with the Why Man. Senkuu's method (Great Circle Sailing route), would allow them to get there in time to get the crop ready before the onset of winter. The problem is that it would be a huge burden on the crew members, plus it would require constant adjustment based on their current position.

Kohaku sides with Senkuu, while Gen sides with Ryuusui. The scientist and the ship captain decide on settling it out diplomatically, choosing to do so via a game of poker. Senkuu states that Gen is going to cheat 100%, being a mentalist, but Kohaku reassures him that she will be on the look out for any underhanded business.

The cliffhanger of the chapter is the two sets of teams preparing to square it out.

-Kohaku siding with Senkuu throughout the course of the chapter. As stated in the chapter thread, logical people will tell you that there is nothing more to these interactions. Intellectuals can read underneath the underneath though.
-The Kohaku panels, especially the one with her leaning on the table. Just........ drools. Glad to know the author is a man of culture like his readers.
-The Senkuu-Ryuusui argument in its own way, makes the voyage more interesting. Otherwise we'd have Strawhat shenanigans ala just sailing from one island to another without any meaningful discussions aboard the ship.

-Page 3 of the chapter would have been SOOOOOOOOOO much better if the ship was drawn realistically Instead we practically have a 2D image on a 3D background, which makes it stick out like a sore thumb. Missed opportunity there.

Chapter rating:8/10

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