Chapter Review: Dr. Stone (145)

Dr. Stone - Chapter 145 Review by Seraph

Chapter Title: Bar Francois

Last time in Dr. Stone we saw Senkuu winning against Ryusui and Gen in their poker match that would decide the route they'd take to reach America,Senkuu's 40 Day Route or Ryusui's 70 Day Route. Senkuu and Kohaku won so 40 Days it is,unfortunately some of the Crew Members like Yo bet all their Drago on Ryusui winning this and now want to gamble it all back which prompts Ryusui to reveal that there is a full Casino including a Bar on the Perseus now called the "Perseus Luck Casino". Senkuu and Ryusui exchange a few words about the Rebirth of the Casino and how they'll portion their rations for each member over the incoming 40 Days as well as what they'll be drinking until then,as Suika wonders about the Bar Senkuu reveals it to be the "Bar Francois" naturally named after it's owner: Francois!. Francois is very happy about getting to serve as the Barmaster of the Perseus,and as such she will craft a personalized Cocktail for every guest she gets,Gen thinks that's a little too much for a tiny bar but Ryusui reminds him that going above and beyond is Francois mantra.
As Senkuu offers Francois to just ask if she needs anything he is immediatly requested to produce Gum Syrup which Senkuu creates by using Sulfur and Witherite,by heating both substances and mixing them together perfectly to get the right Ph degree. With the help of one of their goats on the ship they also produce Yoghurt which mixed with their Gum Syrup and Lemon Juice becomes Calpico! Calpico aquired!.

Francois uses her newly aquired ingredients and Calpico to produce the individual Cocktails and Drinks for many of the Members and i'm going to list them all here including the recipe/s:

1. Suika's Cocktail: "Two-Side Sunshine": 45ml Calpico, 30ml Apple Juice, A small amount of grated Cucumber and normal cucumber.
2. Tsukasa's Cocktail: "Grenadine&Tonic": 20ml Grenadine Syrup and 80ml Tonic Water.
3. Kohaku's Cocktail: "Piquant Cinderella": 60ml Ginger Ale, Orange Juice 20ml, Pineapple Juice 30ml, Lemon Juice 5ml and Grated Ginger just a dash.
4. Gen's Cocktail: "Spicy Cola": 120ml Cola, 1 or 2 teaspoons Chai Syrup,a slice of Lemon, a pinch of Chili Pepper.
5. Senkuu's Cocktail: "Three Layer Tea-Latte": Match Whip 30ml, Milk 50ml, Hojicha 20ml, 2 teaspoons Gum Syrup.

In between the presentations and taste tests we can see Francois explain what she based each Cocktail on as well as what her ingredients were,apparently each Cocktail mirrors select characteristics of the person dedicated to. Like Suika's smile,Kohaku's passion,Senkuu's intellect or Tsukasa's calm nature. But we also see Ukyo comment on how much the situation and dynamic between the Crew Members has changed and improved for the better since meeting for the first time. Not just Ryusui,Senkuu,Gen and Chrome are doing their best on the scientific front but also everybody else in their own way. Even Cocky Ginro and Yo the cop that constantly asks for Booze(Is what we should call him after this chapter-). Their adventures didn't go past them without leaving "marks" and that has now become visible,Ukyo also praised Gen for arranging and playing the Poker Game against Senkuu in the way he did because Ukyo believes Gen did it to avoid an enraged and heated conversation between the crew possibly splitting the Friends apart. But Gen only responds that he wanted to have fun but he is still frustrated about losing to Senkuu,Francois and Ukyo smile as Gen has come the longest way from being Tsukasa's spy and first traitor to the comrade and reasonable boy that he is now. The Crew's journey continues towards America with the first of 40 days coming to an end for them.

Personal Thought's

I rate this Chapter a 7.5 out of 10.

I'm not too much a fan of these "filler"-type of Chapters since they tend to feel a little dragging and postponing rather than transitioning and fluid,still,Dr. Stone does a good job with those as it adds lighthearted fun and comical reactions into the fray. Which feels very natural and quite fun to read,as the Characters themselves never give off a too serious vibe. Even Tsukasa cracks smiles now,hangs around with the others at the bar and enjoys a smooth Cocktail just for himself while Gen and Ukyo just hung and drank a little like 2 pals after school or work. Pretty much everyday situations that pleasantly convey how much and nicely their group dynamic developed. I expect a "few" more chapters like this until we hit America and till then i hope you all enjoy your Cocktails!(Yes you can actually recreate these at home,but hands of from making Gum Syrup yourself or anything you're better off buying it okay?)Till next time everybody!!!

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