Chapter Review: Dr. Stone (146 & 147)

Dr Stone Chapter 146 Review by Hermit

Good chapter this week. The filler content seems to have stopped, and we're back to the main plot.

Following up from last week, Yo openly protests about a bar not serving alcohol, despite being termed a 'bar'. This prompts Senkuu to display the formation of alcohol to the ship's occupants. Using wheat, Japanese hops and yeast, beer is mass produced on the ship. Everyone delights in this, and we get a scene reminiscent to whenever Shanks/Luffy's crew are celebrating aboard their ships.

A drunk Ginro asks Matsukaze about his life story, since the latter had previously pointed out that Ginro greatly resembled his master. Matsukaze describes his leader as a virtuous person. When the petrification devices rained en masse the island, he alone insisted that the devices should be destroyed. Failure to do that would bring about strife and cause a civil war. Sadly, Master's arm gets petrified and Ginro is forced to cut it off to prevent the rest of his body from being petrified.

As he lays dying, he admits that he wanted to prove that humans are above killing each other when presented with a new form of warfare. A horde of soldiers charges up the hill, but Matsukaze disposes of all of them. He then embarks on a one man mission to destroy all the Medusas. A mission that proves useful, all until one is left. Before he can get to it, he's petrified. In his stone form, Matsukaze carves out the shape of the petrificaton device on his arm. A message to future generations, informing them how he ended up as a statue.

Francois whips up Matsukaze a drink, referring to it as 'Matcha Beer'. Though Matsukaze immediately passes out after one sip, ha. Once he regains consciousness, he spots Tsukasa wielding Thanos's sword. Matsukaze asks Tsukasa to assist him with weapons training. Tsukasa admits that he is not well versed in that, and Senkuu proceeds to revive Hyoga. With Tsukasa and a gun onboard, the chances of Hyoga starting an uprising are basically zero.

Once Hyoga is revived, Tsukasa asks him to lend him his strength. Hyoga says he will do that, but on one condition. His condition involves the revival of both Homura and Mozu (Surprisingly).

The chapter ends with both Kinrou and Ginrou training.

-Matsukaze's backstory, finally revealed. Gotta say, that panel where he was cutting down the people who were after his lord was beautiful. Looked like something out of Vagabond or Rurouni Kenshin.
- Hyouga back. Homura as well. Really glad the author has not forgotten about the latter. Makes you look forward to the interactions between the newly acquired members of the Kingdom of Science (Kirisame, Mozu, Hyouga, Homura, Matsukaze), and the older members from Ishigami village.

-The beer bit in the beginning was a bit....unnecessary. Though it did lead to Matsukaze revealing his backstory, which ended up working out fine.

-Mozu being revived. Honestly, I don't exactly find his character interesting/engaging at the moment. He's all brawn and no brain. A less interesting version of Tsukasa. Though there is obviously room for this to change later on. Currently, I am not convinced by him as a character. At all.

Chapter rating: 8/10

Dr Stone Chapter 147 Review by Hermit

Last chapter before a short hiatus. But the boat arc is done. Didn't take 9 years this time, ha.

The title of the chapter is 'Science Journey'.

Chapter starts with a narrative sequence, talking about the times during the Vinland era. Yes, back when Askeladd was still ruler of the seas. He was the leader of the Vikings, who ventured into North America. They arrived there before Columbus through the use of a sun stone.

A sun stone could reveal the position of the sun at all times. Senkuu explains that since they have Science now, that shouldn't be too hard. Just then, we get a panel of Ruri standing in front of several hour glasses(?) Using a sundial as well, it is possible to communicate the time in Japan to those on the boat.

Ryuusui uses a demonstration to show that the position of the sun gives the latitude, while the time difference with Japan gives out longitude. Just then, a storm brews in the sky. Ryuusui says he will use his captain intution to navigate, while Senkuu says this could cost them a time difference in getting to America.

Suika laments about not having the sun stone, which prompts Chrome to sort through his collection of treasures. He obtains a stone that he can't identify, asking Kohaku to turn it into a prism. Once the stone is beaten down, they obtain a white transparent stone. The stone also gives double images when used to look at a person.

Chrome learns how to work the stone, and it becomes possible to locate the sun's position in the sky with it. Senkuu identifies the stone as Calcite, a name that Ryuusui is familiar with. Apparently, a lot of sunken ships in the past used to contain calcite in them.

The trip resumes its course, and the crew happen upon both an iceberg, plus a school of whales. As the ship's look out, Nikky finally catches a glimpse of land. Finally, we arrived at America.

-Journey has come to a close, so we can finally go back to the main story after the short interlude.
-The chapter was also scientifically accurate, in references to the Sunstone and calcite. A fact that also appears in the TV series, Vikings.
-Backstory was also very very entertaining. Reminiscent of Vinland Saga.
-Chrome got a small moment as well. Not a fan, but it's nice seeing him follow in Senkuu's footsteps.

- WSJ hiatus, just as we were about to start a brand new story arc ;( Much sad.
-The Chrome/Ruri teasing. A bit old at this point. Like, we get why they can't be a ship yet (Same reasons as Taiju/Yuzuriha). Having the other crew mates poke fun of it was funny in the beginning, but now it's just....bleh.

Chapter rating: 7/10

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