Chapter Review: Dr. Stone (148)

Dr. Stone - Chapter 148 Review by Seraph

Chapter Title: Pioneers of Earth

The Perseus and it's Crew have finally made it! They landed on North America,San Francisco to be exact!. Naturally after a long voyage on sea the Crew is overflowing with joy and happiness upon seeing land for the first time in 2 Months,they cannot wait to get on Land and hunt down some animals because they are eager to have a big feast of meat again. Especially the Warriors are craving some Animal-based proteins with even the shy and timid Kirisame drolling at the thought of eating meat again,which actually looks kinda cute, Taiju suggests that the group should go and hunt for some wild "beasts" once they're on land. He has never been outside of Japan so this is his first "Vacay" he reveals jokingly, Homura disrupts the cheerful mood by directing the groups attention past the fog,as they get closer to the coast there is an ocean of petrified people becoming visible to them. The Group looks on in sadness but they had braced themselves to see this,they still had some sort of hope for the rest of the world after hearing the Story of Lillian,they held on to any kind of hope no matter how faint it would be. Ryusui reveals that he has been to America before and sailed through this exact spot but back when he did so there was still the Golden Gate Bridge cutting through San Francisco's thick fog with it's red brilliance,the crew begins to feel down since they hoped there would be help for them waiting in America but Taiju reassures them that once they find and grow some corn they will be able to revive and work with as many people as they want through the Power of Science. Senkuu agrees with that. At the Sacramento River the group decides to split up into 3 Teams: A resource replenishment Team,a Corn Search Team and the Fighters. The Fighters led by Tsukasa are going to protect the Corn Search Team from dangerous wildlife.

The Plan seems simply and straightforward: The Corn Search Team only needs to follow the Sacramento River until they reach what used to be Sacramento and they might already find a good spot where Corn could be growing. The only issue about all this is mentioned by Ukyo and Senkuu since this is the time of the year where Corn may begin to wither already, but Senkuu reassures the Team that they still should have a couple of days worth of time since due to the Earth's rotational axis having been tilted a little in the past 3,700 years the Earth's climate has changed in their favor. The Seasons are changing Nine Days later than what they're used to,however the climate change also affects the ecosystem so he hopes that there won't be a Beast Attack out of nowhere even though the Fighters would welcome that. And speak of the Devil, a bunch of big Alligators begins to attack their boat but worry not the fighters are already jumping into action and instantly finish the beasts of. Now they got their meat! yeay!. They immediatly make for a riverbank close by to skalp the alligators and make use of their meat,Ryusui orders Francois to grill them some of the meat so they can eat Hamburgers/Gator Burgers now that they have arrived in America. As the Team enjoys the Hamburgers wholeheartedly Tsukasa discovers that one of the Alligators had swallowed a whole ear of corn,prompting Senkuu to believe that there must be more upriver. They make for "Corn City" next!.

Personal Thoughts

I rate this Chapter a 7.5 out of 10.

America might be very interesting,i really hope this won't be rushed or cut off midway for some reason,i'm really looking forward to what kind of people they will meet here. Those Montages of Francois Cooking and the End result remind me of SnS somewhat,those finished Dishes look incredible yummy sometimes. Was nice to see the callback to Lillian too,the Author really does a good job to not have some of these early on mentioned details be wasted on us and the story. The Climate and Ecosystem Changes were something to be expected,a long time has passed and without Humans doing anything within/to the environment it is the natural processes of the World. Overall a pretty good and fun to read chapter. Till next time everybody!!!

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