Chapter Review: Dr. Stone (149)

Dr Stone Chapter 149 Review by Hermit

ood chapter to get the story back on track, after a one week break. Kohaku being on the cover is an indicator of this.

Chrome is happy at how quickly they discovered corn. Senkuu explains that the type of corn they have come across is Green Dent corn, which has an awful taste but can deliver a crazy amount of alcohol.

Noticing something with her vision, Kohaku holds onto Hyouga's hair and picks out some kernels from the river. Which adds to their belief that they will find corn growing upstream. Senkuu seems a bit skeptical of the current developments, but regardless his team delivers the good news to Yuzuriha's side.

The attention shifts to another part of the newly discovered land. A pack of wolves are about to pounce on a stranger who is perched on a tree. Said stranger is listening into the conversation that the Kingdom of Science have just had. Descending from the tree, the stranger quickly kills the wolves.

Once the boat has docked on a shore, Senkuu puts a white cloth over light. His goal is to investigate the insects that show up and learn more about the area. Shortly after, a few moths turn up. These moths have the same wings that Kohaku had on the chapter cover, and they are described to be European corn borer moths. Senkuu asks Kohaku if she has ever seen that type of moths before, and she says no. He proceeds to explain that the moth in question likes to feed on corn, so with humanity's extinction they should have been driven to the brink of extinction.

Just then, Tsukasa senses bloodlust originating from inland. He describes it as a smell that is derived from the breakdown of adrenalin. Hyoga then thinks back to the kernels that were floating downstream, and realizes this was a well crafted plan. The strongest high school primate then shouts at everyone to take cover back at the boat, and a rain of bullets pours down on the crew.

Ukyo denotes that the ammunition is originating from a machine gun. Ryusui uses the ship to bring up a water wall, blocking the sight of the attacker. Said attacker wonders how they knew about the oncoming onslaught. Ukyo then explains to the flustered Gen that this might be someone who had revived on his own like Senkuu.

Showing up to the room, Senkuu states that if this is a scientist, he will not lose in a battle of Science.

- Dr Stone is back, yay : D
- New enemies off the bat, good pacing. Also makes the corn obtaining process harder, which is very much welcome conflict.
- Tsukasa gets a chance to show off why he is the strongest person in the crew.

- N/A


Chapter rating: 8.5/10. Glad we are done with the filler aspects of the journey (The bar and casino sections), and back to the main plot.

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