Chapter Review: Dr. Stone (150)

Dr Stone Chapter 150 Review by Hermit

Very nice follow up chapter from last week.

Hey, another half way chapter to a milestone here as well^.^ The color cover is gorgeous in itself, featuring three girls: Kirisame, Homura and Suika. Suika maybe is not supposed to be there considering the other two girls though, ha.

Senkuu says that the prospect of another scientist being out there is exciting, but Science is free for anyone to use. Realistically, anyone can revive and make scientific evolutions by themselves. He also remarks that the Science of the new user is more advanced than the one from the Kingdom of Science.

Ukyo picks up on the sound of an engine behind them. Kohaku reports that she never picked up on anything following them throughout the night. Tsukasa and Yo are both shocked as they look into the air, spotting an aeroplane quickly descending on them. Senkuu is clearly amazed, and Taiju has to call him out of his stupor.

Ryusui immediately tells everyone to grab onto someone real tight, and steers the ship away at full speed. The assailant in the aeroplane is relentless, chasing after them and quickly showering them with bullets. Yo also tries firing back, but he is too nervous to properly aim. Hyoga recognizes as much, telling him to stop wasting ammunition.

Coming up with something, Senkuu quickly makes Calcium Carbide (A chemical of which I have no idea of), and quickly dispatches it to Kirisame to use as a weapon. Chrome had also made a rope with a hoop before, and the coconut girl launches the chemical weapon into the air.

The carbide hits one of the aeroplane's wings, causing it to malfunction. It crashes into the forest ashore, but the pilot escapes safely onto one of the branches. Senkuu then explains that the compound he just made was acetylene gas. Unknown to him, the pilot of the ship is listening into their conversation. Said pilot then monologues to himself, remarking that they also have a scientist on their side.

Ginrou suggests escaping, but Senkuu and Ryuusui are both opposed to this idea. The Kingdom of Science head into the forest, coming across the debris left behind by the crashed aircraft. They claim the now ruined device as their own.

- Kirisame got to do something, yay! My favorite from the new crew members, hopefully she does not recede into a background,gimmicky character.
-More information about our new frenemies, which is very nice to see.
-Also got a brand new scientific invention, aka the aeroplane. Maybe this was a shout out to the Wright Brothers (I think they were American in nature?). The two current enemies could be brothers, which would be interesting.
-Senkuu and Ryusui being in unison with each other.


- N/A

Chapter rating: 8/10

New arc hype!

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