Chapter Review: Dr. Stone (151)

Dr. Stone - Chapter 151 Review by Seraph

Chapter Title: Dr. X

This Week's Chapter of Dr. Stone starts with the Science-Crew noticing some Corn leaves and kernels hanging down from the Aeroplane they managed to steal in the last chapter,which prompts Senkuu and Co. to think that the enemies landing strip must be a nice and flat levelled Corn Field and that it must be nearby since the enemy chose that method of pursuing them. Tsukasa mentions that standard practice after a surprise attack is a tactical retreat but,while it does have its risks, pursuing your attacker can also prove to be beneficial. Gen wonders who they might be thinking of pursuing but Senkuu quickly informs him that they want to pursue the pilot of the aeroplane,the man who attacked them out of nowhere with a Machine Gun,while all that makes sense to Gen he isn't all too happy about being chosen to be in the Pursue-Team alongside Kohaku and Chrome. While Gen isn't happy at all having to endanger himself once more for his comrades Chrome is happier than ever about going to work here in America for the first time while Kohaku gets to be their bodyguard while also keeping a good eye on everything. Her perfect eyesight is a key factor here. Although reluctant at first, Gen begins to search for footprints and quite easily manages to find footprints of the Soldier, however these footprints lead the group into another forest closeby. Gen instantly realizes that something isn't right here so he stops walking,prompting Kohaku and Chrome to stop as well, the Mentalist believes the Soldier to be fully aware of what he is doing which is to lure the group in and then get rid of them at once. He expresses frustration about his previous loss to Senkuu in the poker game but also anger that the enemy would challenge a Mentalist of his caliber.

Gen tells Kohaku and Chrome to stay back for awhile as he goes ahead to do some "growing" of his own,he will confront the Soldier and find the enemy's base now and while at it will make sure to mark the entire path with certain flowers so they could follow him while keeping their distance. They both agree and so Gen goes ahead to meet the Soldier,which he accomplishes fairly easy as it took nothing but a "Hello? Anyone there?" for the enemy to appear in front of him. It is no one other than the mysterious Man which we saw in the previous 2 Chapters before already,who is once more having a cigarette, he quickly conducts a body-check on Gen to see if he is hiding or carrying any weapons which the Mentalist assures him of that he doesn't. The Soldier confirms this but knows that Gen has something else up his sleeve,he asks him for his occupation only for Gen to summon 2 Flowers from his sleeves to claim he is a Magician,the Soldier isn't surprised at all as he expected Gen to be Normal Person rather than a Warrior as the only strong part of his body is his hands unlike his "Samurai"-Friends who he met earlier. The Soldier hoped to crush Gen and his friends all in one go but since they resisted admirably he would rather ask him some questions and would in return answer any he might have for him and his comrades,he invites Gen to their base in order to meet with his Leader which he agrees to. As they begin climbing down the hills Gen spots a gigantic corn field as well as a huge base that looks like a Castle. The Enemy takes good care of their Corn fields,has people fishing and even farm animals. As the Soldier leads Gen to his leader the Mentalist is speechless upon seeing all of this.

As they enter what appears to be a Factory the Soldier takes of his coat,we see that apart from his Machine Gun he also carries a Knife and a Pistol around with him,he goes on to inform "Xeno" that he brought the first visitor of the "New World" with him. Xeno is revealed to be a scientist similar to Senkuu with the small difference that he is an adult and somewhat creepy,but he is polite if that counts for something. Xeno is a man of average height with 2 X cracks on his forehead,he appears to have light brown hair and has a really serious gaze,he wears a black coat with several X marks on it as well and he also carries a backpack of sorts with himself. The Soldier then brings 3 buckets filled with Salt Water where he puts one of Gen's foot in as well as both of his arms, in order to conduct a polygraph test with him,Xeno begins to introduce himself and the soldier as Dr. Xeno and Stanley Snyder. A former Soldier who served in the Military but now works for Dr. Xeno. Xeno begins to question Gen about his own name and occupation as well as his comrades,what follows is a hilarious polygraph test in which Gen makes up an incredibly wild story about him betraying Senkuu and Co. because he had to work so hard for them. What is most amazing about all this is that it actually works out well for him,but Dr. Xeno is clever enough to not trust him just like that because Gen is either the greatest Liar or he's completely honest here. Xeno doesn't mind either way,because he likes both types,Gen merrily begins an inner monologue in which he reassures Senkuu and Co. that he will infiltrate the enemy base to make it their own. However,his monologue is instantly interrupted as Xeno asks for his "former" Leaders Name.

Gen almost freaks out because he forgot to make up a clever ruse for Senkuu,he calls the name of the one person that would always be ready to take a fall for him: Taiju. The name of the Kingdom of Science's Leader is Dr. Taiju he shouts. Somewhere else we see Taiju sneezing. A funny ending all things considered.

Personal Thought's

I rate this Chapter a 9 out of 10.

So Stanley Snyder,as we now know is the attackers name,did indeed serve in the Military. Did not think one of my guesses would ever come true here haha,i'm very curious about Dr. Xeno though. He seems to be on equal footing with Senkuu in terms of knowledge and wits which makes me look forward to their first meeting even more. His base of operations was also very very impressive,a really nice design and probably lots of space to house people and supplies for sure,since it looks like a Castle i assume they call their base a "Kingdom" as well. The Scout Team was a surprising but really well matched mix up of Characters, Chrome was a bit of a wildcard but after thinking about it this is where someone like him can shine the most eventually. Since he loves to explore and pick up on all sorts of things he sees lying around,i'm sure he will do something rather meaningful/noteworthy fairly soon here. Kohaku might try to sneak in and rescue Gen i feel like but she must be cautious since the entire arsenal of her enemies isn't known yet and their numbers are a mystery as well for now. What also picked my eye was the design of Dr. Xeno,similar to Ibara he has rather sharp foxgloves attached to the finger tips of his scientist gloves,his behaviour made him hard to read and his appearance makes it hard to tell if he could also prove to be a fighter of sorts eventually but given that little detail i wouldn't be surprised. Although,it would be kind of sloppy to recycle Ibara's means of combat here and now already. But we'll see,i'm looking forward to it for sure. Till next time everybody!!!

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