Chapter Review: Dr. Stone (152)

Dr Stone Chapter 152 Review by Hermit

This week's chapter starts with a panel of both Senkuu and Xeno side by side. A bit like the panels in shonen manga when two rival characters are used as the cover of a particular chapter/volume. In this week's cover, the juxtaposition makes it look like Xeno is an eviler version of Senkuu. His eyes are darker + his hair is also falling downwards, in contrast to Senkuu who has light eyes plus hair that naturally points upwards.

Kohaku and Chrome are both looking at the tower Gen was just taken into, wondering what on earth that structure is. Chrome is concerned about whether or not Gen managed to infiltrate, but Kohaku reassures him that he most likely did.

Chrome contacts the Perseus, but Senkuu tells him not to use that channel anymore. Tsukasa and Yuzuriha both infer that this is because the possibility of hacking exists. Tsukasa asks Chrome who he has with him, and the sciencer responds accordingly. After Senkuu switches the phone off, another call comes in.

Magma proceeds to address it, and the source of the call is from Xeno this time. The enemy apologizes for his poor Japanese speaking skills, before insisting that he has to talk to the leader of the group. That would be Taiju, according to the information passed on by Gen from last chapter.

Yuzuriha quickly whips up Taiju a labcoat, and the big oaf addresses Xeno. He tells Xeno that shooting people with machine guns isn't nice. Xeno proceeds to explain that he is in possession of a Harber-bosch plant. In laymans language, it is a device that is used to mass produce ammonia. Senkuu explains that with just water and air, the plant can synthesize limitless amounts of gunpowder and ammunition.

Xeno then gets to the main point of the talk, where he asks Taiju to surrender to his group. Magma wonders why Xeno cannot just revive the stone statues lying around everywhere, and Ryuusui deducts that this is because he is unaware of the revival formula. The elder scientist explains that nitric acid can be used to revive the people who are still conscious within the stone shells, but it is ultimately useless on people who have long lost their consciousness.

He asks Taiju how they revived the statues, but Ryuusui stops Taiju from answering. Senkuu then declares the first two objectives of the Kingdom of Science i.e to obtain the Harber-Bosch plant, in addition to the already desired corn. Taiju voices over the phone that he will never give the formula to the revival fluid up, and Xeno immediately declares that negotiations have broken down.

Outside, a second plane closes in on the Perseus. Senkuu points to the first plane that was salvaged by the crew, and states they will have to fight it out in the air. The others ask how a plane can take off without a runway, to which Senkuu states they just need to make one.

-Really good humor this chapter, the Dr Taiju parts were hilarious.
-The Science on display this chapter was easy to follow (the ammonia bit). Not like two chapters ago with that whole calcium carbide explanation.
-Insight into Xeno's personality, plus a bit on his goals/objectives.

- The part about the runway seems like a bit of a stretch. I don't see how it is possible to create a runway within a limited amount of time. Considering roads also took quite a bit of time and effort. I am bit skeptical on how this will turn out.

Chapter rating:7/10

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