Chapter Review: Dr. Stone (153)

Dr Stone Chapter 153 Review by Hermit

This week's cover is the same as last week's, with both Senkuu and Xeno on it. Though there seems to be less of an antagonistic feel to this cover.

Magma tries acting like a leader, analyzing the current situation. Shortly after, he drops the facade and resorts to his usual state of mind. He decides on killing Xeno, and quickly sets out with Yo. The latter has the gun on him. Nikki beats up the two and hauls them back to deck.

Second time round, Tsukasa acts as the leader to analyze the state of things. A large table in the room has been modified into some sort of a chess board, showing the positions of each of the characters. Ginro suggests running away with the Perseus, but Ukyo states the spy plane would make that a pointless effort. Tsukasa asks Hyoga how he would deal with the intruders if he was Dr Xeno. The masked man states that he would simply construct a pirate vessel. Basically, use a smaller water vessel to raid the larger Perseus.

Hyoga also suggests that it is quite possible to destroy the Perseus with an aerial attack, using the spy plane that is stationed outside. To this, Ryuusui states that they can indeed fight them in the air. Which coincides with Senkuu's plan at the end of last chapter i.e to build a runway and use the first airplane to launch a counterattack.

Minami is amazed at this plan (For obvious reasons). Senkuu and Ryusui both relish at the prospect of modifying the enemy's aeroplane, much like they were in tandem the first time they came across the crashed device. First of all, they use bamboo + Yuzuriha's expert crafting skills to design the wheels. Ukyo explains that bamboo isn't native to the USA. Ryuusui analyzes the wheels of the aircraft, realizing that they used glass in the place of rubber.

The scene shifts to Xeno, who explains that the purpose of the spy plane was to discourage the crew. Basically squash any notions they had of escaping, and keep them rooted in one place. A mindset Ryuusui had also realized. Just then, a large, burly woman walks by Gen, while holding a piece of chicken (?), in her mouth. Xeno explains that he intends on assassinating the scientist of the Kingdom of Science. Gen is skeptical about this, but Stanley states that it is a task he can very much pull off.

Stanley dons the battle suit he had beforehand, and leaves the stronghold. Back to the KoS, and Hyoga suggests turning tail, thus abandoning Kohaku, Gen and Chrome within enemy camp. Senkuu states that they can take initiative on the ground as well. While waiting on the aircraft's modifications. The idea is to kidnap Xeno. Tsukasa suggests a small unit would do the job perfectly, and Senkuu picks out the members. Tsukasa, Hyoga and Ukyo. Suika as well, but the little girl is surprised at her inclusion.

Gen understands the situation as a stalemate, while Senkuu and Xeno kick off their scientific battle. The chapter concludes with Tsukasa, Hyoga and Ukyo (+ Suika) setting out to land.

-The team Senkuu sent out (Tsukasa, Hyoga and Ukyo is a very capable team). At the very least, it makes more sense than the reconaissance team that had been sent out before (Kohaku, Chrome and Gen).
-The bit where Ryuusui explains the wheels of the airplane being made of glass skis and not rubber is consistent with what we have seen before in the story. Rubber is a device that has not been developed yet in this world (At least from what I remember). Also, one of the main cities they are supposed to venture out to is Rubber City, which adds on to this little detail. That was a very good piece of narrative consistency.
- Got to see one more member of Xeno's kingdom. And the design is actually pretty unique I would say, ha.
- Leader Tsukasa! Also, Hyoga. They continue to blend seamlessly with the rest of the Kingdom of Science. Really like that their personalities are being kept intact. In spite of Hyoga being a dark character.

- Suika's inclusion in the team is.....iffy. Like yes, she has her utility purposes, but's a bit unsavvy sending out a little girl into a battlefield.

Chapter 153 Rating: 8/10

Very good chapter with a good amount of plot + action galore.

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