Chapter Review: Dr. Stone (154)

Dr. Stone - Chapter 154 Review by Seraph

Chapter Title: Spy vs. Spy

This Week's Chapter of Dr. Stone begins with our Head Scientists Dr. Xeno and Senkuu announcing that they are going to take each other's Scientist out, Dr. Xeno wants to assassinate "Dr. Taiju" while Senkuu wants to capture Dr. Xeno with the help of Tsukasa,Ukyo,Hyoga,Suika,Kohaku and Chrome, while Stanley is the man for the dirty deed for the American KoS. Gen can't help but worry about Taiju's safety especially since he cannot contact anybody, Dr. Xeno could be eavesdropping on any kind of Radio Transmission and even if Gen wanted to he could not do anything else since a guard has been assigned to watch his every move. As Stanley heads out he is accompanied by a teenage girl, she questions wether Gen can be trusted or not but Stanley brushes it off claiming that trusting someone who just abandoned and betrayed his own people out of nowhere is something those with no intelligence would do. As usual,he's having a smoke while lecturing her. He tells the girl that Xeno will be getting any and every kind of intel out of him rather than trust and make him one of their own, the chances of him being a spy are just too high. The girl,which we shortly after learn is named Luna, reacts surprised at how sharp Stanley's way of thinking is and acts like she was testing him here even though she wasn't.

The reason why Stanley is bringing Luna with him is quickly explained and obvious to see, she has a job to fulfill for him and it's due to her character and figure that she is being sent into the enemy lines. To describe her best i guess we should compare her to Amaryllis from the Treasure Island Arc, she has 2 admirers named Carlos and Max, packs a cute and innocent attitude but is also seemingly influenceable and compassionate. When she hears that Stanley is trying to kill the enemies Scientist she shudders at his revelation. As the group gets into position on top of a really high tree we can see Ryusui on deck of the Perseus wondering about the stagnant air his Sailor Senses has picked up on, he concludes that it must be a bad omen. Meanwhile Stanley and his Squad got fully into position and are now observing their enemies more or less silently, the soldier brings out all sorts of weather and wind pressure related measuring instruments in order to find out how much his bullets velocity is going to be affected making his companions shudder in fear. Luna questions if killing the guests from Japan is such a good thing to do but the only response Stanley gives is a cold gaze and silence, he finally responds that he only wants the head of the Science Leader. He is going to do so by using a Sniper Rifle made by Xeno's Science.

Luna wonders why she had to wear a striped dress for this job but Stanley explains that each stripe on the dress is about 5 inches,at her surprised reaction he responds that her role is to confuse and lure out Dr. Taiju while also acting as his yardstick. Luna should have good chances slipping in because she's a good actress and about the same age as Senkuu and Co. Once she lured out Dr. Taiju she is to give a signal to Stanley so he knows that this is the person to shoot. A single shot from his rifle will end any enemy instantly. Luna quickly makes for the Perseus despite being a little too excited,she covers herself with some dirt and begins to shed some fake tears to make it look like she just escaped from Xeno's Kingdom. As the Perseus Crew begins to bring her on board Stanley concludes that the Kids will have to take Luna in because they're naive and cannot flee anyway since they will not abandon Gen, if they send in a Spy to look on them then they will do the same. As Luna goes on board the Perseus she is greeted by Senkuu who puts on a Prince Charming Face and Attitude to invite Luna underdeck to have her wounds treated, as she accepts his offer we go to Tsukasa's group who has arrived at a standstill due to being unable to track Kohaku and Chrome anymore. They only had a general idea of where they could've gone instead of where they actually are, communication is out of the question so they need intel somehow. Senkuu is going to provide them will all the intel they need by "extracting" it from Luna. It's Spy versus Spy and once Senkuu has gotten all the intel Tsukasa might need he will send a coded message to give them the lead on their enemies...

Personal Thought's

I rate this Chapter an 8 out of 10.

What an interesting Chapter of Dr. Stone this week, first of all,i do agree that Luna appears to be the same type of cloth that Amaryllis was in the last Arc. A girl with a couple of admirers that constantly compete over her attention and affection, a cute and innocent act but also compassion for her "enemies". I believe that she is not as set on killing Dr. Taiju as Stanley because of her rather young age and character,i believe that most of the Adults in the American KoS are blindly following and adopting Xeno and Stanley's mindset. However,for now,she should not be taken lightly for only god knows what exactly she can do besides being a spy. Like combat skills or any other talents she could possibly reveal here. Having said this much,i'm rather shocked at the kind of Sniper Rifle that Stanley brought along here, i guess i shouldn't be given Xeno's other "inventions" but i couldn't help it. One shot out of that pipe and whoever gets hit will definitely feel it,and since they shot actual and proper bullets not even Taiju will just walk away from it. This is Do or Die already. Senkuu has the right idea in mind to try and gather intel and i'm glad he has someone as shrewd and smart as Ryusui with him here,the 2 of them can make this work. But i hope Taiju doesn't forget the role he is supposed to play either. But we'll see,i'm looking forward to it as usual. Till next time everybody!!!

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