Chapter Review: Dr. Stone (159-166)

Dr Stone Chapter 159-166 Collective Review(s), by Hermit

Chapter 159:
Stanley wonders who the real scientist is, after hearing from Xeno that the name they had before was a lie. Xeno then picks a record from several in his stock, intending on listening to Senku's voice again. Once he hears it, he makes an estimate of Senku's body proportions. He proceeds to communicate this information to Stanley. Ryusui warns the crew that there's a sniper afoot, which causes panic all over. Senku then proceeds to make eye contact with Stanley, effectively giving himself away. Rushing into the interior of the ship, he mixes potato starch with water, creating a Non-Newtonian motion. Stanley then proceeds to riddle Senku with bullets, and there seems to be some damage he has taken...

Chapter 160:
Senku collapses, having being gunned down several times by Stanley. Stanley then proceeds to leave, abandoning Luna to her devices. The rest of the KoS all panic, assuming Senku to be dead. Luckily, he's still alive. Kaseki is amazed by the mechanics behind the bullet being stopped, as he analyzes the bag full of potato starch and water. Luna reveals herself to be a former medical student, and Taiju implores her to save Senku's life. Tsukasa, Hyoga, Ukyo and Suika meet up with Chrome and Kohaku. They soon receive word of Senku's condition, and Senku proceeds to leave everything in Chrome's hands.

Chapter 161:
Chrome decides on crafting a device that will help them dig into Xeno's base. Tsukasa estimates it will take roughly two weeks to come up with such an intricate device. However, Xeno won't just wait around that long. They need to buy some time, so Ukyo shoots the Medusa directly at Xeno's doorstep. Gen explains the workings of the Medusa to Xeno, saying that it is a device which can bring about doom if not handled properly. We get introduced to another member of Xeno's kingdom, Brody. Like Kaseki, he is a craftsman. He's revealed to be working on a device that will completely subdue Senku's Kingdom of Science. Chrome comes up with his first fully functional flowchart, and the device he's chooses is a drill.

Chapter 162:
Kaseki swiftly works on the drill, which he has Taiju deliver to Chrome's group. Along the way, he runs into Luna's two friends. Carlos agrees to tag along with him, also assisting him with driving the car properly (Since Taiju's driving skills are......terrible) However, once Taiju reconnects with Kohaku's group, Carlos is tied up as a safety measure. Chrome quickly assembles the drill, which Taiju uses to break through the ground as they head into Xeno's castle.

Chapter 163:
Back on the ship, Ryusui admits they need to finish the aircraft carrier soon. Senku gives instructions to use castor bean oil for the finishing touches. Luna continues to take care of Senku, while being visibly impressed at how resilient he is. Senku places his life in her hands, saying he will grant any wish she has. Boldly, she asks him to be her boyfriend. Luna then communicates to Chrome's group that she has found herself a boyfriend, which prompts Carlos to draw up a map of the castle. Shortly after, an aeroplane appears out of thin air, heading directly to the ship. Ryusui proceeds to head out as well, with Senku in the backseat of the aircraft.

Chapter 164:
Ryusui engages with 'Stanley' in mid air. Senku pulls out a fake machine gun, intending on intimidating Stanley into not using any fire arms against them. Senku is on the plane to ensure that any issues to the aircraft are dealt with swiftly. After a few fancy maneuvers, Ryusui corners the enemy pilot, and brings out Yo's pistol in order to take them out of the sky.

Chapter 165:
Realizing they are in imminent danger, the enemy pilot proceeds to jink their plane, making it move in bizarre motions so as to escape Ryusui's line of sight. Matsukaze decides to pay attention to the water, and shortly after a submarine crashes into the Perseus. Aboard are several members from Xeno's group, and they proceed to quickly subdue the weaker members of the Kingdom of Science. Above in the sky, Senku quickly comes up with several bottles of acelyte, dropping them onto the airplane just below them. Matsukaze and Mozu appear from below the deck, saying that they will not go down so easily to modern weapons.

Chapter 166:
The latest chapter's cover features the three most popular scientific inventions, as voted by fans. In first place, is Cola. Second place is katanas, while third place is sulfa drugs. Xeno receives word that the ship has been subdued, much to his delight. Mozu and Matsukaze then fearlessly show up, taking down a few of the trained soldiers. 'Stanley's' plane soon goes down after taking up some acetylene gas, but so does Ryusui's. It's revealed that the pilot was actually a woman this time, shocking Ryusui. Stanley then makes his long awaited appearance upon the Perseus. He quickly dispatches Mozu and Matsukaze, and Xeno declares a checkmate. Senku tells him to think again, and out of nowhere, Tsukasa lunges at Xeno after taking out a nearby sentry.

Personal thoughts:
This arc has been largely enjoyable for the most part, but I am not a fan of some things that have happened. F.e, Senku being in the plane despite him being in poor health. It heavily invalidates him leaving everything to Chrome a mere two chapters ago. Like sure, two weeks have passed (Based on the drill and submarine's completion). However, with those air maneuvers and him having a busted lung, he should be 100% dead. To make things worse, the plane even crashed later on -.- Does not exactly bode for realism (Which, I understand is a misplaced criticism in such a manga). Still, there should be a middle line drawn somewhere.
I have, however, loved seeing other members of the Kingdom of Science getting much needed screentime. Especially Mozu. Feels like this is the first time he has been remotely likeable ever since the events on Treasure Island. Also, always awesome seeing Tsukasa in action ^.^
Here's to hoping the climax of this arc is a grand one.

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