Chapter Review: Edens Zero (112)

Edens Zero Chapter 112 Review by Ramen

Chapter Summary

This chapter opens up with the crew examining the relic they acquired from the Red Cave and discussing the next plan of action as they hold a clue to finding the next relic. While this is happening, Weisz is not happy with allowing ex-Drakken members along the ship and can't believe his eyes as he sees Laguna on the ship and not only does he not agree with the alliance, he loses it once he sees the element 4 member's fashion style. The four shining stars then decide to permanently call Shiki "Demon King" (Shiki thinks it stands for something evil) which they reveal is a moniker for the King of Magimech. Someone who rules Magimech and distributes ether with the machines.

Cut to the Skull Fairy Elsie seems nervous about the thought of Nero and Shiggy going at it whether they have peaceful or destructive intentions. Nonetheless, she refuses to get involved and wants to go to a planet with great cuisine and chill over there. Then it happened, the distress call signaling that the union army has arrived and Elsie immediately knows that she is being followed by Justice. However, Elsie knows that one of her crewmates (Jesse) is a government spy to the shock of all the other members but she is willing to hear him out and seemingly forgive him if he can help them escape. We are introduced to some of Elsie's guards Hyoga and Gowen as they appear and explain that Jesse was not successful in leaking any information on them. Gowen seems to be the wild one as he gets into an argument right away with Hyoga. This ultimately ends with Jesse being removed from the ship via an escape pod. Elsie says that they will continue to accept anyone because when she was a kid, the Edens Zero and four shining stars treated her like family. They end off with setting course towards the neutral sector planet called Foresta.

Now, a little of part of the chapter shows Laguna, Kleene and Jinn all eating together discussing their history together back when they used to be apart of Drakken's crew.

Ironically, Shiki and the Edens Zero, using the power of the ether radiating from the relic, have also been led towards the planet of Forestra. A planet may I add, is known for having the best food in the A01 cosmos. This makes Rebecca drool and makes Pino very very happy. Hermit tells everyone that in the ships' log, it says they've been to this planet 15 years ago. This planet is also home to Master Xenolith who is the instructor of the Magimech arts. He's also the founder of gravity ether gear tactics. Unfortunately for Shiki, he can't be friends with him because he died a thousand years ago.

This chapter ends with Forestra and three individuals talking with one another and complaining about Shiki making a comeback. It turns out these 3 work under Nero as Commandos on the Beast Team. The names of these 3 (from left to right) are Britney, Orc, and Mora.

It all seems like there will be a giant showdown as the army is going to follow Elsie to Forestra where Shiki has arrived and Nero currently has his (or some of his) crew there investigating. Exciting times are coming in the near future.


Like always, Mashima did not disappoint with artwork as it is phenomenal with the smallest details being drawn accurately and with great style. Pino was cute as always and everytime she blushes, I want to rip her off my screen and make her my best friend. I feel like the pacing for this chapter was pretty normal as we were introduced to 5 new (and seemingly pivotal) characters and have arrived at the new chapter. Overall the story is going at a good pace, with what seems like a juicy arc coming up.

Overall Rating
This chapter was average in my eyes but what gives the extra boost to be above were the flashbacks of Elsie, and the new characters shown.

I'll give this chapter an overall score of 7/10.

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