Chapter Review: Edens Zero (113)

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Chapter Summary

This chapter continues on from the last one as Shiki and the crew finally manage to land on Forestra. We learn that as the name indicates, it's a planet that seems to be one giant forest with so much greenery, that Pino says it has made it's way over the ocean. The crew already picks up things that seem fishy as Rebecca can't connect to the internet. The first thing they see when they're on the ground is fishes swimming in the air. Eventually when they make it to the town and Rebecca is ready to indulge in the very hyped cuisine, Weisz stops them as he immediately picks up something horrific; the robots are controlling the humans and treating them like pets by putting them on leashes and keeping them prisoner in cages. Two bots (Kevin and Willem) start talking about the etiquette of taking care of a human but Willem is having none of it and kills Kevin claiming, "Bots are meant to be free." Ironically enough, the two humans on a leash were once engaged and their names are Allen and Audrey.

After this initial start to their trip they realize a robot is approaching them so Pino and Happy have to pretend that they are the owners of Shiki and co. but a robot wants to take Rebecca for his own use. Right when he put his hands on her Weisz immediately takes action and shorted him out, making the clear distinction that he did not kill him. Then someone from the past appears...….COUCHPO!!!! She starts telling her story and how she came to this planet in order to do a restaurant review and things were going well up until a week ago. It turns out that Ziggy continued his plan of having robots rule over humans and decided to start with Forestra. He somehow managed to hack or convince the robots to attack and enslave the humans they were living with.

Right as Couchpo's story comes to a close, the wall inside her house get's obliterated and a giant robot is here to kill them. Shiki understands that he's most likely doing this because he's being controlled and doesn't actually want to however since he wants to hurt his friends, he must take him down.


This was decent chapter for what I expected of it. Obviously there needs to be a transition chapter or 2 before we can dive in to the next arc which seems like it will the best one yet with the most set of diversity within it's characters and it will help us get closer to not only mother but Ziggy and Emperor Nero as well. We did get a new perspective on the role of humans and robots as this time, it was the robots in control and the humans have been forced to go onto the defensive. Though I have a feeling things might change since some of Nero's team is here as well.

Overall Rating
As I mentioned earlier, for a transition and early starter chapter, it was good. Nothing too crazy but looking forward to the future.

My rating:


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