Chapter Review: Edens Zero (114)

Eden's Zero Chapter 114 (Named Glue) brought by Ramen:


Chapter finally gave us some action on the ground in this neutral planet that we have come to know as Forestra. Continuing from the surprise assault by the machines, Shiki and friends have gotten ready to fight and take on not only the giant robot that initially ambushed them, but also a wave of robots that have surrounded them on all sides. This time they have everyone's favourite mukbanger Couchpo as she tries to eat the robots which seems very effective.

Next panel cuts to Sister treating Kleene but the latter doesn't want to be treated since she's started to enjoy her time on the Edens Zero. She believes that if she get's better, she will be forced to leave but Sister confirms to her that no matter what happens, she does not have to leave and will be welcomed immediately by everyone. The only thing standing in her way is Jinn because we come to realize in a dialogue between Sister and Jinn that Kleene has a emotions disorder. If she shows any emotion, she will have a mental breakdown which is why she wears an emotion-suppressing device. After a rough back and forth between the two, Jinn pleads not to ask Kleene what happened in the past because she will not be able to contain her feelings.

Right after, the telecoms come on and announce an emergency and that the ship is being approached by multiple (116 to be exact) attack drones. However it's up to Laguna, Jinn, Kleene, and the remaining shining stars to protect the ship while Team Shiki is out and about.

As Team Shiki is running away after what seems to be their victory against the robots, they are approached by the cutest robot and character in this series after Pino. This robot is not an enemy and it pleads to Shiki for help. It tells them that though Ziggy corrupted most of em, some are still fine and are friendly but a group of outsiders came and started killing all the bots. It turns out these group of outsiders are actually Emperor Nero's crew. Shiki tells the cutebot that they will keep it safe and not let it die but then here comes Mashima and pisses me off by having a character immedaitely kill it off.

Who is this mystery person? It is Emperor Nero's beast team commando Mora and we know we know he/she can lasers and use a sticky substance against enemies which relates back to the chapter's name "Glue." Chapter ends with the mystery person using the the sticky substance to stick them to trees and getting all serious demanding they thank him/her for killing the cutebot.

My Thoughts

I thought this was a good chapter with a lot of action, and some really good character development especially for Kleene. It was also nice to see Jinn have a softer side for his sister and he's not just a hard-headed random with a sister complex. Rather, he truly does care for the safety for his sister. However, this chapter made me angry, sad, and very very salty because they killed the cutebot. Such an adorable character that Shiki wanted to keep safe but no, Mashima had to go and kill it. I really hope this mystery person suffers......badly.

So we do know that this person is apart of Nero's squad so I'm anticipating a fight very soon and a big fight this arc with Elsie who's being followed by the Galactic Union Army. Combine this with Nero's squad and Shiki? Yea.....something big is happening soon.


Like I said, I really liked this chapter but the killing of cutebot made me very salty which brought it down.


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